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Thread: Middle School Endeavors..........

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    Question Middle School Endeavors..........

    dis is just a freestyle from da top........ all i tried 2 do wuz tell a story.. if u like or dont like it... feel free 2 judge me.... if u think dis is just fucken whack.. feel free 2 tell me .... also if u think dis is my style... please be sure 2 check out my other materials... those r da real... me {lyrical} dis wuz just 2 practice my flow from da top... usin a hip hop version of da mario bros.. beat....

    peace out !!! also.. my schools name wuz B G I ..{acronym}

    Sittin Right Here.... Havin Nuttin 2 Do ... 2morrow I Gots An Appointment ... Im No Fool . .... Ironically Listening 2 Da Leaders Of Da New Skool.. A Useful Tool ... .. Listen And Reminisce When I Wuz Actin A Fool..:::: Playin Around , ... Till I Got Suspended And Embarassed , ... Principal Called My Parents.. Started Laffin N My Face.. Oh Shit .. No Dis Cant Be.. .. > I Had 2 Put Him N His Place... I Wuz N Da 5th Grade ... My Dad Stayed Wit Me Da Whole Day... Then When I Got Home I Got Spanked..... Da Leather I Can Just Taste... 2morrow Wuz A New Day... So... Wut I Did Wuz .. Call My Friends... And Stepped On Their Toes.... Dat Wuz Da Rule Back N Day ... I Dont Know; ... Like 1995 I Say ... . He Made A Mistake.. .. Wrong Time .. Wrong Place.... Almost Got Socked But Ducked And Ran Away... Dis Is When A Chase Had Taken Place... Another Student Wuz On His Case ... I Can Remember His Attendance , He Wuz Always Late.... Then I Approached Him .. Slowly Dimmed .. I Can Tell He Wuz Vulnerable 2 Get Pinned,... I Came And Said It Must Come From Within ... Then During Nutrition .. Hit Em ' Wit A Such Force , Seen All Da Hoes. .. Heard Commotion .. Threw It Off Course! , Now On Da Floor No More Detours... Sum 1 Look Out 4 Ur Peoples.. Blood On Uniforms... Yo!! Look Out! Here Come Da Teachers!... B 4 U Knew It .. I Wondered Were My Crew Went ... Ask Dis Girl If She Had Seen Them... Told Me They Were Held Captive And Asked Questions... "hmm " ? I Think ; ... She Wuz Jockin But I Needed 2 Drop It ... I Knew I Would C Her After School On Da Other Side Of Campus... When It Happened ; It Wuz Harrasin She Grabs My Ass And...; Started Laffin ... Dont Give A Fuck... ! I'll Show Her Wuz Up ...... When Its Time 2 Get Mines.. And Stick It N Her Butt Many Times.... Had Her Hittin Highs Like Dis Glass Pipe ... Only 12 @ Da Time... Yet Felt As Though I Had So Much N Life ... Damn I Guess Im Stuck N Time .... Yup..... >>>> It Wuz Called" B.g.i. " ......

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    Default Re: Middle School Endeavors..........

    Quite a convincing story, was a bit difficult to follow the flow of the lyrics (kept having to think back what that letter "N" stood for) but it was nice. Iam now able to recognize your flow. Nice verse though.

    PS: Keep posting

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