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    We have special tickets to the RZA show at The Key Club, in Hollywood, CA on December 1st, 2006. The show starts at 8:00 pm. These tickets are offered at an exclusive price that's greatly reduced from their face value and additional Ticketmaster charges.

    We have put them on E-bay Click here


    These are selling for $15.00 with freee shipping and no charges. they are normally $20.00 plus whatever charges ticket master has.

    Go there and buy as many as you need. Contact us if you need multiple tickets.
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    oh man should i try it. is this a scam?

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    Default No scam

    Definitly not a scam. We are performing before him and have pre-sale tickets (thats the way of the walk in LA). In fact on ebay we are a id verified seller and also you can e-mail me directly at unclejigz@7ocular.com - Link


    You can also check me at the Slauson Swap meet Thursday morning and up on Melrose Friday afternoon selling these. Its for real son.

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    i wish i would have known this before i spent close to 60 bucks for 2 tickets of ticketmaster......oh well it's worth it i will be seeing the RZA.

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    wow i just got my tickets. i previwed the seven ocular cd that came wit the cd. it sounds pretty dope. thanks dude. i might order another ticket

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    Default Tickets

    thanks for checking the CD out glad you're into it. And order as many as you want. People shouldnt sleep on this. As liquid said when you buy these through ticket master they add so much to the cost. these are about half of what you pay and we send you a free cd.

    Hopefully well get to see some of our peeps from these boards at the show.

    Peace, Link

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    Odyssey BMX for life.

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    i went to the show last night > later on ill give a quick review. the rza show was off the hook. at the end it seemed like the show dragged on for the last 15 minutes. the rza shavo thing playing new stuff was okay. it takes me a while to get to new stuff. I still think they need a guitar. if they are gonna do a nu metal trend. rza pretty much played with a band. theey were pretty good. at the show during the rza performance were shavo from system of a down. killah priest, bereta 9 and the black knights. seven o cluar open the show, they was the shit. come to think of it some chix in the crowd kinda looked like krizy substance. i wonder if that was her?

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    Default Review

    Yo wuswordz95,

    Thanks for checking the show. Ill give some more insight. We were supposed to be on 2nd but the 1st band never showed so they sprung us in the first slot with about 3 minutes notice. the show actually started real late too because the sound check was taking so long. Rza's set was crazy. It had so much energy and his stage presence was insane.

    The sound check was real nice. We got to the spot at 7:00 and were going to load in but they were still fine tuning all of the instruments. Finally around 8:00 they wanted to do a song or 2 to test it all. So basically we got a private show of RZA and Shavo for a few gravediggaz and Bobby D songs.

    Regardless the shit was off the hook. Peace to everyone that showed up.

    Peace Link

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    ^^^ hey are you from the group. if so u guys kicked ass that might.

    I loved u guys second. rza first. It would have been a better show if it was just sevenocular rza that mexican hip hop band.

    I didnt care for the second act not my type of music. durasic poor white boy was whack.
    thanks for the cheap tickets

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    Default Wuswordz

    Yeah I am in the group. I was the first one out and the one that drank the flask that night. That ended up great, A flask of Captain morgans on stage, 6 bud's backstage followed by Moet and Grey Goose with the WU crew before thier set needless to say I was beyond gassed up.

    Yeah my name is Link and my partner is Joe Cribis. Thanks for the compliment. We definitly tried to set it off right that night and get everyone into it. I missed a lot of the sets. I did get to talk to alot of the guys from the show backstage though. the whole scene was off the hook.
    I got to talk with Point Blank and Dough (sp) from the hux Fam.

    Anyway man thanks again Im glad you liked it. If you want hit me up at my e-mail and I will make sure we alwasy got you covered for whatever shows we got cheap tickets to.

    Go to http://www.sevenocular.com and go to the contacts page. Hit me up with an e-mail so I got your info.

    Peace, Link

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