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    Producer/DJ The Alchemist and Shady/Aftermath signee Stat Quo were injured after Eminem's Anger Management 3 tour bus crashed while traveling from Chicago to Denver.

    Among the twelve people injured were The Alchemist who serves as Slim's tour DJ, Stat Quo and Scott Cherry, a bodyguard for Eminem and 50 Cent. The bus was on the road as part of the Anger Management 3 tour.

    According to The Missouri State Highway Patrol, the bus was traveling westboard on I-70 and crashed roughly 25 miles east of Kansas City, when it ran on and off the highway before hitting a tractor-trailer. The bus then hit a semi-truck before turning over. The accident reportedly shut down westbound lanes of the interstate for close to two hours.

    According to police, the crash caused the first tractor-trailer truck to slide across the median into the interstate's eastbound lane. Four other vehicles, including two motorcycles were part of the accident.

    "This bus comes flying up behind me, on three wheels, zig-zagging all over the place," said Breck Wyngarden, the driver of the semi truck. "It clips the whole right side of my truck."

    Wyngarden's wife was also sent to the hospital following the crash. Meanwhile, the tour bus's driver, Charlie Gilligard, was taken to the hospital by a Life Flight helicopter.

    A second tour bus accompanying Em's bus was not involved in the crash.

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    Yeah I read about that... Supposedly Alchemist was treated for broken ribs and a collapsed lung, Stat Quo suffered broken ribs and Statís manager suffered broken ribs and a broken ankle. I read that at least 11 other people were injured in what resulted in the six-car accident, but none of the other injuries were too serious.

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