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Thread: More Fish Review (Unofficial)

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    Default More Fish Review (Unofficial)

    Aite i'm writing this after ONE listen. This is my opinion. buy ghost. the album is worth the few dollars, there are a like 4 weak tracks my opinion. 2 coming from mr. wigs. SOLO TRACKS. . I would've prefered to hear sungod on a solo joint. Trife solo joint is way iller. anyway since we past that. the production is consistent. Ghost is on point. I hope he sells. I'm not a fuckin' journalist, i don't know how to write reviews. I did this to my best abilities. Enjoy peeps. Read on....

    1) Ghost is back- Intro is about a minute long with ghost talking with some nigga who sounds like tracy morgan.....then countdown into GHOST IS BACK....everyone pretty much heard this track. Nice Track.

    2)Miguel Sanchez- Trife sets it off, nice verse---this is another ill story track. Trife souncs good. Then Sungod jumps in, he's nice on the mic. The beat is on point. Homie is 19 by the way. "I use to listen to 50 and jam backdown, now i slam 50 kilos where i'm at now!" No ghost on this Track.

    3)Guns N' Razorz-Beat sounds like some ol' Rza shit...nice shit...i'm not hypin anything. Ghost sets it off. Then Trife kills it. Cappadonna reppin' Theodore. Sounds a bit like he's losing his breath. But Killah Sin sounds very good on this beat. A stand out track. A true banga. I hope this makes the Cd. Remember i got the internet leak.

    4)Outta Town Shit-The beat is something to light up a blunt to. Ghost sounds good on it. He's singing on the hook. HAHA. Good track.

    5)Good-This to me is an aight track. I mean i don't like the beat. Ya'll prolly heard this track all over the net. I can't stand the guy singing the hook. Ghost lyrics is GOOD. LOL.

    6)Street Opera-This is on the internet as "God to God." Beat is incredible. Sungod is not a joke. Ghost is incredible. Ill track.

    7)Block Rock-Beat has some rock sample. It's an aight track. Second verse is way better. "KNOCK THE NEIGHBORHOOD BULLY OUT, TAKE HIS GUN AND PEE ON HIM!! HAHAHA..Classic TONEY STARKS.


    9)Pokerface-Very good beat. SHAWN WIGS got a SOLO TRACK?? with GHOST ON THE HOOK..HAHAHA..WASTE OF BEAT....it would've been nice to hear DECK or GZA on this...REAL TALK..Ghost I got Deck's Math

    10)Greedy Bitches-Ghost starts it off. Nice track. The beat is good. Redman is on this track and he sounds ill. Shawn Wigs on this track as well. Okay girls don't take this personal, only for greedy bitches.

    11)Josephine-Smooth, laid back beat. As Trife described it, a conscious track. Trife really sounds good on this track. He's stepped up his game. So far More Fish sounds a lot better than Fishscale. *minus POKERFACE

    12)Grew Up Hard-Hard as beat. What we use to. I mean did i mention that Trife is that dude. Solomon Childs is on the hook, Sounds good. This track is Fire. TRIFE N GHOST

    13)Blue Armor-Crazy Sample on this track. Ghost is killing it. My heads nodding. Sheek Louch comes correct with his verse. I can see a D-Block/Theodore Video for this. Grimey ass VIDEO. BLAOW BLAOW.

    14)You know I'm No Good-Ya'll heard this on the internet.

    15)Alex(stolen Script)-Ghost needs to be mentioned as one of the greatest storyteller in hip hop. The beat got a crazy ass fucking sample. Beat is sick. Beautiful Track.


    17)BACK LIKE THAT(REMIX0- NO NEED TO SAY ANYTHING....LOL...old ass song....
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