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i've only heard this record once so far. keep in mind, ghost is also my favorite member of the wu.

but perhaps it's cause i got a really low res quality version of the album, but to be honest, i was quite disappointed with it for the following reasons:

- the audio quality of the album seems quite poor. it's like they didn't invest any money in the production and especially the mixing of the album.

- lyrically, i think ghost is on point... the beats are okay, but the mixing kills it. you can barely hear the dynamics of the beats and the vocals all sound very low volume wise, blending into the beats and overall aren't very clear. did they even use a vocal booth? sounds like they just recorded this in someone's bedroom.

- it seems to be too much of a b-sides collection, as the album doesn't seem to be put together with much thought. no stories/movie samples or anything of the sort we've known the wu for.

- there are no other wu members on the album except donna and redman (honorary?)... what happened? not even u-god? killa? deck? meth? rae? rza? 'come on...

- it seems to also be a big promotion for Theodore Unit, esp. Trife (as always), Shawn Wiggs (the white dude), and his son: Sun God.

- so as far as an album goes, i would rank this as probrably my least favorite of all his albums due to the fact it seems like this was just an oppertunity to throw something together quick so ghost and jay can make some more cash over the holidays. i would imagine that this album wasn't given very much of a budget which is sad because it has sooo much potential!

hopefully the version that i got is just a rough draft or maybe it'll grow on me after a few more listens, cause in all honesty it's a really nice rough draft. it's audio quality is not really at 'album' quality and that KILLS it. this isn't a mixtape. no excuses. it's a MAJOR LABEL release too!

it is sad, because ghost i feel is at a pretty good point in his career and then he releases something like this... that sounds sloppy and half done. come on jay... what's going on at def jam? the nas one better be off the hook, cause kingdom come was a huge letdown.
U have the internet version... Don't be bitching about the mastering. It will be better on CD ! ppl like bitching over dumb stuff on this ite.