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Thread: Street Life Album

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    I had given up on this website , I am glad to see it is back up and running. Is the new Street album worth picking up?? i knew nothing about this album i am pumped to hear it. Will I be dissapointed.?

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    yes it's a tight album

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    was that the same one presetned by method man or something?

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    this fuckin album man...this fuckin album...

    street is one of my favorite voices in hip-hop, but he does not shine the way he should have...

    1. the beats sound too method man hollywood style...
    2. the lyrics are too hustla/thug on every line almost...
    3. streetlife says "STREET, or STREETLIFE" maybe a thousand times on tha album...
    4. seriously with the beats...
    5. best track, i don't even know, prolly can't stop won't stop...

    i wanted this album to kill mathematics, but the beats are terrible and it's basically not worth picking up if you really like streetlife's guest appearances, but i've been pounding the shit out of it regardless...

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    Havent heard the joint yet

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    I went and bought the album, It does sound too much like the commercial meth beats we have from tical 0. Its a decent album but nothing that is gonna get anyone excited about street, his album does not live up to the potential his guest appearances showed.

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    it's the most mediorcre wu release ever!
    and I like streetlife, but this album is mediocre.

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