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Thread: Best Wu Album of 2006

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    Bronze Nazareth - The Great Migration.

    (I did hear the rest /Jedi Mind Tricks - Servants In Heaven Kings In Hell, Clipse, Cunninlynguists, Kenn Starr, MF Doom & MF Grimm some kind of a bootleg or whatever, Swollen Members > Black Magic/ and I must say - that The Great Migration is the best FOR ME so far, Jedi Mind Tricks > Armyof Pharaohs > The Torture Papers is quite nice.....Didn't hear More Fish (But didn't like the Fishscale).

    And "Donuts" by J.Dilla is the instrumental? Or "normal" LP?


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    Should make this a poll
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    Ghost has the best wu shh this year. Fishscale.

    Mef's allbum was dope when you first listen to it but then you notice how it had these 2 different sounds. The best parts of the album were clan affiliated(rza on the boards, and a dope guest apperance) and if he would have just stuck with that sound he could've had a better album than fishscale.

    Masta killa was dope upon first listen. I like how the album has few tracks and for the most part it's enjoyable. It has it's weak joints...really dissapointed with older gods pt 2 and the rae and ghost tracks.

    Broza was nice on the mic but if you put that album in a decent system only a few tracks SOUND dope. But I can't front is someone calls this the best wu release...you know you like what you like at whatever moment.

    But if your going to compare anything to their past stuff of course its going to pale in comparison. For what it is its pretty straight but as a wu fan I have to admitt that they all could do...nah ill wait till cuban 2.

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    Madstyles, and to Cilvaringz's "I". Peace.

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    Great Migration was the most solild Wu release this year...although not a classic

    Fishscale was good

    Everything else dissapointing

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