Maybe we have deleting, chakra blocking and fucking our brothers sister issues - alcOhOl, weed, devils, "I am the baddest" "I know more then you" mindframes. How the fuck do we know anything.

Me I'm a hypocrite- never will be perfect until you all want me to be perfect and you want to be perfect with me.

My heart bleeds out to those who oppose me. For Christ's sake. I dont fear you men - I love you.

^word up mayne, in the end no one knows much of anything. My wisdom alone is infinetly small when compared to the collective conscienceness of us all. In times of disagreement, its easy to let tempers flare and hard to humble oneself. I apologize to anyone who's been a witness to that animalistic side getting the best of me. Perhaps the idea is not to go with what is natural but to completely overcome that which arises naturally, in the process leaving behind the animal instincts picked up so long ago and become more and more human.