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Thread: Wtf is going on? old ass threads being bumped Feat. God

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    Default Wtf is going on? old ass threads being bumped Feat. God

    I believe in God.
    But one must ask what is God.
    Human? Divinity? Black Man?


    An Idea.

    The idea that their is a collective father/mother guardian watching over us.
    punishing those who treat their brother/sister bad and giving merits to those who treat their brother/sister well.

    We need to believe that our destiny/death is not in our hands but that of a greater being.

    God did not create human beings in the image of him/her self....we created God in the image of our selves.

    Truthfully though, i have no evidence to what i am talking about.

    God is an idea which many of us once shared/feared/loved/understood
    I believe in God.

    Human morality will replace God. We have gained experience in the world and have grown. We do not need to have a guardian anymore. This is sort of Human Kind's collective comming of age. We have rebelled against God. We question God with Science (like a child needs to question one's parent to find their own path).

    What happens when God gets forgotten? When we all (God's Children) tend to our own business and spend less and less time with God?

    What happens when God dies? Will our self-control, independence lead us to a new frontier? Morality, afterall, is a limit one cannot reach but get closer and closer to.....

    This does not belong in KTL. Why? Because this is not philosophy or theology. THis is daily talk. one must realize that we are all family. we are all brothers/sisters/fathers/mothers. Animals are our Brothers and Sisters. Plants are our brothers and sisters. The EArth is our home, and the Sun is our workplace/marketplace.

    Ignorance is bliss. Curiosity is fatal. Having Intelligence means that you need to take care of your younger sister/brother. Being Strong means you need to take care of your younger brother or sister. Being weak means you must support your Brother/sister and not be jealous, for he/she will contribute to the collective good...being dumb means you must support your brother/sister and not be jealous, for he or she will contribute for the greater good. BUT never fall back to the supporting role. Try to contribute yourself to the family.

    my 2 cents

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