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Audio interviews from 60 Second Assassin, Solomon Childs, RZA's new group Harlem 6, Timbo King of Royal Fam, 4th Disciple, Da Monstar Mob, Y-Kim the Illfigure, Raaddrr Van, Buddha Monk, Islord & Dom Pachino of Killarmy, DJ Storm, King Just, Allah Real, Blue Raspberry, Falling Down and his Untouchable Soldiers, 1.4.0. Productions, Tru-N-Livin, Storm Da Ghetto Mutant

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Dragonfly - Dry Tears

The premier single from Dragonfly of Black Lotus. Featuring three strikingly different examples of Fly's versatility. All songs produced by Hidden Aspects. "Take Me" even presents a rare vocal appearance by HA producer Yukon Black.
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71 Raw - The 71 Raw Project

From the West Coast comes the latest addition to the family of Wu-Tang West. Under the guidance of Christ Bearer of Northstar, hear what he has called the Asian Killa Beez. Staying true to Hip-Hop is important to this Cali Trio. Here we have their raw unbridled project available only for a short time. A definite collectors item here!
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Anthai - The Revival

Anthai, the producer of 71 Raw, is a true throwback to the Golden Age of Hip-Hop. His beats are raw, and musical. Peep these ill remixes of classics.
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9th Prince - Granddaddy Flow

One of the best solo albums by any member of Killarmy, laced with ill, grimy beats by 4th Disciple and others, Granddaddy Flow has all the makings of a classic Wu-Fam album. Grab this if you don't have it, only a few original copies left in existence, and we got them: direct from 9th Prince to you!
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Streetlife - Street Education

This is the debut album from the Wu-Afiliated group Street Life. Presented by Method Man and Featuring Special guests such as Method Man, Inspectah Deck, Why and Killah Sin. The Official Release Date for this Album is June 21 Pre order with Chambermusik NOW!!!
1. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop 2. All My Niggas Feat, Method Man 3. A Star Is Born Feat. Inspectah Deck 4. Street Education Feat. Method Man 5. F. A N. Z 6. Hug These Streets 7. Description Feat. Why 8. Lay Down Feat. Killa Sin 9. Who Want To Rap 10. Let Them Come 11. The OG & Young Hustler 12. Thugz Need Love Too 13. Sweetest Pain 14. Shoot On Sight (S.O.S) Feat. Method Man 15. Outro So Calm
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Solomon Childs - Funeral Talk

Solomon Childs has added his distinct lyrical fire and style to several Wu-Fam projects most notably under his alter ego Killa Bamz on Cappadonna's The Pillage. Now a member of Ghostface's crew Theodore Unit, he drops his own specially produced exclusive mixtape CD through Chambermusik Special Products, straight from grain to you. Though this is not an "official" S. Childs album release, it does contain a personal intro, 20 full songs, cover art, jewel case format, and a few original singles, produced just for this release! Hear the joints Solomon himself hand picked for you all to hear and enjoy. This material is available ONLY through CHAMBERMUSIK.COM!
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Ruthless Bastardz- NYs Most Wanted

Shaolin's best kept secret is the Ruthless Bastardz. Hard hitting lyrics, with the craziest flows. True emceeing from the slums of Shaolin. This is the only available full CD version of this album, with artwork, and a full jewelcase. Add this to your collection!
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Falling Down - Untouchable Soldiers

Upstate's finest, producer Falling Down shows and proves that he is no fluke in the game. He has provided heat for Deck, Killarmy and others, but now hear his own crew, Untouchable Soldiers, and it will blow your mind! Music like this is what Chambermusik is all about.
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Untouchable Soldiers- Sing Sing

The return of the Untouchable Soldiers, from Upstate NY, signifies the rawest new crew in Hip-Hop, cousins 2 da 'grain', and the brainchild of Wu-Tang producer Falling Down, this crew may conjure up more of the classic inventive grime we all know and revere, than most "official" wu products these days. Don't sleep on this, their second volume of hot treats!
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Black Jesus - TGSNT

Harlem 6's most well-known member is a Master Emcee and stylist formerly part of the Gangstarr Foundation, and now has broke camp to become part of the New Wu-Tang Movement. His acting skills will also be featured alongside Bokeem Woodbine in "Blood of a Champion" this summer. This is a full-length album, packaged in regular jewel case and tray. Featuring Guru from Gangstarr, Krumbsnatcha, and Harlem 6. Production by Big Deal.

1) Black Jesus is Here 2) Monsta God ft Guru 3) Change da Game 4) Spin Me Around 5) Nite Life ft Harlem 6 6) Sex Appeal ft Krumsnatcha & S. Infinite 7) The Rollover 8) I'm Sayin 9) Protocol 10) Words of God 11) Hitmen 12) Nothin In Our Way ft A.G.R. 13) Remain Da Same, ft Harlem 6 14) Give it Up 15) Blood on My Ice 16) Get Ya Mind Rite ft Harlem 6 17) On My Grime ft A.G.R. 18) Stuckin Da Mix ft Harlem 19) In My Life ft A.G.R.
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Y-Kim - Monster Reborn

Royal Fam/Wu-Tang Producer Y-Kim the Illfigure was one of the original minds that formed what became the Wu-Tang Clan and the Wu-Tang Movement. His beats are often described as "sickness". Under his new moniker "Yugi", he comes forth to open his classic vaults for the first time since the mid-nineties when he was producing many Wu-Fam and underground artists of the era. Featured on this exclusive album are Killah Priest, Debo Posse, K Bar 730, Sunz of Man, F.B.I., Sharecka, Buddha Monk, Raizin Hell, and Champaigne.
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Buddha Monk- The Prophecy Revisited

Buddha Monk is the 'capo regime' of the Brooklyn Zu, the crew of the late Ol' Dirty Bastard. Back in 1999 he produced/released the now classic, hard to obtain album "The Prophecy". Despite being a critical success, distribution was not handled properly by the label Edel America. Here is "The Prophecy" now being re-released, in this new digitally remastered, exclusive format for only $13, plus shipping. Currently used on Amazon for no less than $69!
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Buddha Monk- Prophecy Reloaded

Buddha Monk is the 'capo regime' of the Brooklyn Zu, the crew of the late Ol' Dirty Bastard. Back in 1999 he produced/released the now classic album "The Prophecy". Since then a full-length solo release has alluded him due to extensive work as a producer, as well as his loyal dedication to his groups, the Brooklyn Zu and the Manchuz. Here then, for the first time in years, is another look at the artist that is Lord Buddha Monk with some more recent tracks. As a retrospective of the artist, we have compiled 6 hard to obtain bonus tracks to compliment some of his newer explorations in sound.
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Buddha Monk- Zu Chronicles1

Buddha Monk has given us a rare treat here by releasing a multitude of tracks from the Zu-Vaults. Perhaps no one knew how hard at work the groups of Buddha Monk were in the 1990's, but now, for the very first time in history thanks to Duc-Lo and Chambermusik we can all catch a glimpse of some of this highly intense creative activity. Featured on here are The Manchuz, Bklyn Zu, United Kingdom, and even the late Ol' Dirty Bastard himself. This is part one of a trilogy of albums which should definitely remove all doubt as to the very high level of Buddha Monk's skills as a Hip-Hop producer.
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Budd - Unreleased Throwbacks Vol. 2

Originally known as Buddy Love and the Hump Squad, this album is a retrospective of a young artist from the Bklyn Zu family, who is now a bit older and about to release some blazini Hip-Hop on par with other Generation W groups such as Harlem 6 and Division - Cuffie Crime Family, but here we get a preview of his talents, as they were developing back in 2001, as well as the rest of the Hump Squad. Included on this album, however are such Wu-Fam as Buddha Monk, Suga Bang Bang, Popa Chief, and even O.D.B. himself. As a Bonus track, we have included something brand new, the official Bklyn Zu Fam remix of Buddha Monk's famous Gots Like Come on Thru 2005, featuring Buddha Monk, O.D.B., Budd, and Pooh.
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Prodigal Sunn - The Return

This is the debut solo album from the Sunz Of Man member. The album features appearances by GZA, 12 O’Clock, 60 Second Assassin, Yung Masta, Chi-King and Madame Dee. “You know I’ve been on a lot of albums and traveled the world so I called my album ‘The Return of the Prodigal Sunn’ because I’ve been out there in the streets and I’ve come back to share my story through my own songs,” Prodigal Sunn said. The first single is titled “Brutality (The Grindz Remix)” and features RZA’s latest discovery, C.C.F. Division. RZA, J.Wellz, B Original, K-Beats and others handle production duties. The album release date is June 21 first. Chambermusik is now taking preorders for this album!!
1. IN MY LIFE Featuring 12 O'Clock, Chi-King and Madame Dee 2. SOUL SURVIVOR 3. MOVIN' ON UP Featuring Madame Dee 4. BRUTALITY (The Grindz Remix) Featuring C.C.F. Division 5. PROCRASTINATORS Featuring Free Murder, Yung Masta and Bonzi J.Wellz 6. THE TRAITOR (BETRAYAL INTRO) 7. BETRAYAL 8. CAMPAIGNIN' Featuring Yung Masta 9. MANHUNT Featuring 12 O'Clock 10. LOVELY LADIES Featuring Scotty 11. GODZ PEOPLE Featuring A&R and 60 Second Assassin 12. PUZZLED 13. REACH OUT Featuring Madame Dee 14. LOVE IS LOVE Featuring Aleksei 15. SUNSHINE Featuring Madame Dee and Scotty
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Da Monstar Mob - Nightmare B4 Xmas

That legendary mythological crew from the L.A. Underground, featuring Leviathan, Skarecrow, Mantra, Black Sun, and even Christbearer doing a cameo spot.
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Allah Real - Real Estate

DJ Victorious brings us this Chambermusik exclusive mix CD featuring the best of Allah Real's soulful singing work with Wu-Tang, and also a few rare mixes, unlreleased songs, and an assortment of classic treats. Definite collectors item here, a must have for any true Hip-Hop head.
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140 Productions - SYFA 3
Short Tre and company come with it, you know the flav.. Otherized Fam's producer bringing the latest underground Shaolin heat. Featured on this album is Solomon Childs, Trife, Wigs, King Just, Crunch Lo, and many others...

TRACKLIST- 1.Intro Beat (Lift Off) 2.Theodore Unit Freestyle 3.Life Is A Mystery 4.Cause I'm A Gangster 5.Trouble To MCees 6.The Sit Down 7.Staten Island Stand Up 8.Shot Me Down 9.Skit 10.The Godfather Returns 11.My Real Life 12.This Is Hip Hop 13.Exclusive Darts 14.Back On The Grind 15.TA Kings 16.Make It Happen 17.Rap Starz 18.Poisonous Poets Freestyle 19.Da Block Is Hot 20.Drop! 21.Not From House'n 22.Heart Race'N Freestyle 23.Think U Know Me 24.Outro Beat (Landing)
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Hellrazah&4th - Freedom of Speech
With over ten years of experience in this hip-hop game, Hell Razah has certainly paid his dues. As one of standout members of the Sunz Of Man crew, Hell Razah has always been respected as one of the premier emcees coming out of the Wu-Tang family. Now Razah is ready to step out on his own and show the Hip-Hop world that he is not going anywhere. His latest album, Freedom Of Speech, finds Razah and 4th Disciple giving the game what it really needs, that real Hip-Hop music.

1.Intro: Slavery 2.Rebel Music 3.Article One 4.High Science 5.One Harmony 6.House-Pitality 7.Oh! Baby 8.Way Of LIfe 9.Baby Girl 10.Take Ya Time 11.Same Of Thugs 12.Project Love 13.Who Gonna Die Next? 14.Angel Tears 15.We Can Do That Too 16.Underground To Da Heavens 17.Don't Hate It
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Soul Kid Klik - Invisible Army

Due to popular demand, we present the underground hip-hop of the Soul Kid Klik. SKK was a group that was formed by G-Clef da Mad Komposa of Ghetto Philharmonic, a group formerly signed to Tuff City Records. When Jay "Wax" Garfield of the Garfield Brothers met G-Clef while doing some radio shows, G-Clef became managed by what was then known as Gza Entertainment, which was co-owned by Genius from the Wu-Tang Clan. The crew of artists that G-Clef was then producing were known as the Soul Kid Klik, and were soon annexed under the Wu-Tang banner, as a Gza Entertainment act. Although two of these recordings were recorded before 1994, when the SKK was not yet a Wu-Affiliated group, there has existed, for some time, a series of demos and studio recordings that were eventually to be released on Soul Kid Records as a full length album. However, with the collapse of relations between the Garfield Brothers and Genius, as well as internal turmoil within SKK, the group basically was disbanded, with the project left unfinished. Several ex-members of this now legendary group still work together and speak, but there, at this time, no discussions of any new material from the group as a whole. Here, now, for the first time, is the most complete representation of the album material. Enjoy.
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Goodfella - Time to Make Da Pasta

Excuse me? You talking to me? Yeah, dat's right, fuckos! Buy my album...or I'll break ya phukkin head! If you liked Strictly Dago, you love this! Formerly starring in "OZ" on HBO, Goodfella blessed this LP with more rugged shit, plus more variety of joints! Italiano hip-hop at it's greasiest and most original! * Newly remastered/releleased!!!
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G-Clef- Journals From Desert Planet

Emcee/Producer/Komposa/Alien G-Clef Da Mad Komposa finally drops his most anticipated work ever... HIS VERY OWN EP. This CD contains songs never heard by mortal ears... songs that soul kid/true hiphop fans NEED TO HEAR. Incredible beats laced by the funkiest emcee of our time, yall better cop this before a meteorite crashes into the earth and kills us all...
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Skinslaya - Never Too Late

Joey Lee's long awaited album has finally been released on Soul Kid records. This is the smooth voice of South Jamaica Queens, don't sleep on the "King of Ghetto Love"
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Infamous - Pressure

G-Clef has finally released the final installment from the Soul Kid Vault; the music of Infamous Mr. Savage aka Doc Dave Banner. The battle-styled emcee was first heard on Mortal Combat, the SKK's first commercially released 12 single. He was the first emcee on the record who set it off with "Who be dat ill nigga creeping thru the jungle?" This EP's contents include various demos and songs recorded while the Klik was involved with Gza Entertainment, in the Golden Era of the Wu-Tang Clan circa 1996. Several of these beats were solicited for Gza's Liquid Swords LP, but were replaced by beats by the Rza, forming the classic album that the world now remembers as history. Perhaps history worked out for the best, as these songs are blessed by Infamous' incredible lyrical stylings throughout this EP, perhaps to show and prove G-Clef had not lost any ground giving these beats to Infamous instead! Infamous told G-Clef in 1996, "Fuck it, I will tear them shits apart!" And so, now, after all these years, we can finally hear him do it with the "Pressure". Included on this record is the "Desperate Times" B-Side tribute to Notorious B.I.G. by Infamous called "Ten Mack Commandments".
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Ghetto Philharmonic - Alt. Masters

In 1992, Tuff City Records signed Ghetto Philharmonic, the premier jazz-meets-rap crew, the true innovators of the whole soon to be jazz/rap movement eventually associated with A Tribe Called Quest, US2, Digable Planets, and Brand New Heavies. However GP had a difference in that the emcees and producers were not only B-Boys who stayed true to the art, but accomplished jazz musicians as well. After performing at the 1993 New Music Seminar, just about every major label got a taste of the future, and soon scrambled to develop "similar" acts. By the time their album, "Hip-Hop Be-Bop" was finally released in 1994 after considerable delay, Tuff City had missed the boat. Here now, for the first time since 1994, are the alternate masters, digital remasterings, and shelved songs: the definitive recordings of Ghetto Philharmonic.
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Divine - Divine Theory

Divine, an underground hip hop emcee now unleashes his latest release in conjunction with his producer Soul Theory entitled Divine Theory Volume 1. Bangin beats, raw rhymes and overall greatness is displayed throughout this CD. Bangas like * "Divine Theory" and "Special" will demonstrate his abilities on the mic and prove that independent, underground hip hop is where its at!
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King Just - No Power on Earth

King Just is a Staten Island legend. He was one of the first to came out of Shaolin with a solo album and his single Warrior's Drum blew up big time. Mystics Of The Gods is now considered a classic, but this is not the easiest album to find. However Jam On Productions and Chambermusik just solved this problem. No Power On Earth is the answer. This Double CD album contains the original remastered version of Mystics, but with new bonus tracks. The second CD is the longer version of the
rare album No Power On Earth. KJ is one of the dopest MCs to ever hit the mic and now you have the chance to have his rare classic album with some bonus tracks and an even rarer album with once again bonus tracks and the best part is that the money is going in KJ's pockets, not in those greedy ass label owners. $ 18.50 View Cart Check Out
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