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Thread: Wu-tang Mansion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Create
    i dont think so people of islamic nature dont lik PORNO

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    Here's a interesting fact about the Wu Mansion: the cali mansion was Warren Beaty (sp?). Kidada Jones (Quincy Jones daugher with Peggy Lipton/Tommy Hilfiger model/Pac ex fiance) and Aaliyah used to hangout at the Wu mansion in Cali. They were fans, and mad cool with the Wu. Aaliyah was supposed to sing the hook to Back and Forth, but Romeo Must Die permitted her to hit up the studios with RZA. However they, all kept in contact until her unfortunate demise. Kidada introduce RZA to Quincy, way back during her stint with Vibe magazine. She got Wu the cover of Vibe's Juice issue - which was real big at the time, and unheard for a raw group like Wu to be on a cover on a well let say the black/music -version of Vogue magazine.

    Dam I wish I kept that magazine, because they talk alot about going to Hollyweird and stuff.

    P.S. Anyone know where you can read back issues of old magazines like Vibe...Thanks In Advance

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