i know why i listen to wu-tang because i can relate to what they rapping about & i see pieces of myself in them i just wanted to know who else listen's to this & why?
i'm not trying to hate on anyone i'm just curious to know what type of fans the wu-tang got i don't think it matters what colour you are or where in the world you from
all the people i have met that enjoys wu-tang smokes weed,plays chess,hates loosing,short tempered,never backs down from a fight even if they are out number'd & enjoys kung fu movies & tends to force their views onto others like me & my friends are or atleat how they used to be the last time i saw them
i don't think women & fags & bitch boys that can't stand their ground should listen to wu-tang but i do think it's hot when women wear wu-wear.
does anyone relate to what i'm saying?
what it comes down to is i expect wu-tang fans to be powerful people when i say powerful they get respect in the their streets
i feel if you not respected in your street you should not listen to wu-tang or wear wu-wear
when i say respect i just mean the general shit like the people in your street will always greet you with a smile even if you don't greet back
you play your wu-tang loud when ever u feel like it & no one complains
no one in your street plays loud music during the week & if it is a function they have to do at 11 o' clock they put the music off & they quite down
weekends 12 o' clock
i don't like it when people scream in the road i put them in there place with force if i have to
that's the way i live & my friends live the same
is evryone in the world who listens to wu-tang the same?