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Thread: Wu-Tang Remastered

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    I don't want no clearer sound. wtf you think the infamous, enter, return, liquid, illmatic,.... would sound like if it was polished to death ? it'd just suck. like those g-unit sample beats *vomits*

    you have no idea what remastering is my friend......go listen to the NAS ILLMATIC remaster, the ULTRAMAGNETIC MC's CRITCAL beatdown, or the BIGGIE "Ready to die" remaster.....remastering takes nothing away from the grimeness, it just makes everything louder and fuller....

    Dont believe me, go listen to any old rock album that has been remastered, souds a million times better without losing, and of the rawness
    "Rap has gradually degenerated from an art form into a ring tone"

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    i looked and its actually just a iron man 2001 reissue. but it does sound crisper than the first cd i ever had. but anyway, i'm glad some yall agree. the samples and minimalist style rza used is the strength of the beats. the grit won't be gone if these they remaster the shit. thanks yall for posting back

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