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Thread: Doing my thing

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    Default Doing my thing

    Life is a struggle, but's it's my passion within,
    why go on livin to die, if you ain't livin to win?
    I keep the mind on the sin, and the sin on my mind,
    kick a rhyme unwind, that turn back the hand's of time.
    Back to the future, but the future's in the past,
    one blast on that ass, will put you in you're place fast.
    Im the full package, underground profound sound,.
    ship rhyme's by the pound, cause I ship weight when im around
    Im a stright shooter, cause I tell it like it is,
    you tell it how it might be, ya'll like me, despite me,
    if you want realness, fight me, cause im hyped see.
    I do my thing, oh now im the shit huh?, told you Im tight B,
    The shapest sword swinger, ya I keep it right,
    stay out of sight, cause someone might lose there neck tonight.
    Im mad, keep my flow tighter, Im you're Ghostwriter,
    you're a known biter, just A duped word reciter,
    I keep it gully, while you claim you a gangster,
    Rza said it right, be a bankster before a wankster.
    These cat's that can't even spell wanna try raining shit,
    come equiped with the spit, if you're even gonna try to flip.
    For you fake cat's, ya'll know the deal,
    claiming you know the write's, when ya'll can't keep it real.
    Peace to PIR, Sicka, spoken, king and shadow,
    but fuck that one clown that claimed he could battle,
    but Im not gonna sweat the story, it's a rap,
    so no more wasted line's on that, just a matter of fact.
    Peace to Ben, Tuco, you know you're fam,
    you ever have a problem with a cat, you know the man.
    I don't fake no move's, man, I keep it raw, rugged and raw,
    I live life legit, but still under the law.
    if you can't feel it, then one of you're 6th sense is missing,
    and if you can't see it, then one of you cat's I've been dissing.
    A emcee for life, I rip shit clockwise, flawless, timeless,
    my rhymeness is crimeless, so I won't have any heat, try to confine this,
    my boundry isn't set, fuck ya'll, I can rap for day's,
    I rap away, even if this rhyming doesn't pay.
    I bless the mic, shit, gimme that crown,
    I said it before,
    I'll turn that smile sideway's, then upside down.
    you don't like me?, then kill me,
    but you ain't doing shit kid, so sit back and feel me,
    I keep it real see?
    my rhyme impacts, like mathmatic's, I add, you subtract,
    I drop social science on you're ass, best no where it's at,
    Like BEDMAS, I add before I subtract
    so you stuck in the middle, the fuck you think of that?
    I can drop real if I want, but half the time I save the biz,
    so I drop half the heat, cause you half the man I is.
    I'm the victor, glorious heat, rhyme spitter,
    I leave you're ass three six'ed out, like a one hitter quitter,
    Peace to diamond, Butter and Skale, ya'll keep it real,
    ya'll drop hotter then when premo dropped mass appeal.
    Im doing it now, I ain't fucking around,
    you know how it is, I get up before I get down.
    I smoke the finest shit, cause im high when I spit,
    ya'll like a outhouse, there's shit, but you're full of it.
    I leave you erased and misplaced,
    like how I spit with butter, it's easier then running a one footed race.
    Try to stop me, or lyriclly pop me,
    im cocky, cause im verbally hot see?
    try to drop me,
    i'll give you a year untill you copp me,
    I've been dropping ink bloch's on you bitch's,
    so connect the dot's B.


    Protons Electrons Always Cause Explosions

    This is the real Idaho

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    Default Re: Doing my thing

    Quite long, i suppose you were busting but nice keeping it real and the props for the other temple dwellers. It seemed a bit depressing, as if there is a problem somewhere. Hope all is cool?

    PS:Keep posting

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    Default Re: Doing my thing

    Hott yo keep it up

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    Default Re: Doing my thing

    Thank's for peepin it, nah no problem's man, when I write, I write on how I feel at that exact second, peace.

    Protons Electrons Always Cause Explosions

    This is the real Idaho

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