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Thread: new journal entry from Priest....

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    Default new journal entry from Priest....

    he had alot to say...

    Whatís up, everybody? Itís been a minute, I know. Iíve been out here working. Iím just shocked at so many of these labels. A lot of these people who claim that they like real hip-hop, they have to support real hip-hop. These labels donít want to fuck with the real. Thatís why Iím going the independent route with The Offering.

    This girl at Def Jam heard that album and she wanted me to get up with Jay-Z. But you know how that goes. She wanted Jay-Z to hear my album, but I never heard back. I havenít heard nothing back from her. If youíre reading this, let me know whatís up Mrs. Michelle. The funny part is she heard the album and was like, ďHeís kind of nice. Who is this cat?Ē My man was playing the album to her and she just got crazy open. Iím supposed to meet up with Jay-Z but Iím not holding my breath.

    The dude getting shot in Queens by the police is bullshit. This police brutality has to come to a cease or weíre going to have to do something about it. My whole thing is we have to police our own selves. Thereís been a problem with the police. Iím glad this story went major. This has been happening all over the world. Police shoot first and ask questions last. We have to stand up as a nation and not put up with this bullshit. We canít be letting those cops just do anything. That goes with unity and the people straight up. Nothing is going to happen if we donít have unity.

    The first step to getting that unity is self-awareness. We have to examine ourselves. We have to come in to who we are and become our own government. We have to know who we are. It all exists within our self. Thatís the first situation. We also have to check ourselves. Iím not talking about the brother who got shot, but we have to be more wise on how we move and be more strategic. I have this song called ďCryiní FrontierĒ that talks about stuff like that. I donít know if itís going to make the album or not, but itís a good song. Itís talking about how we have to move more strategically and how we donít have anymore leaders. We have to get ourselves focused and stand up for ourselves. We have to stand up. There are no more Malcolm Xís. The little ones in the projects, itís our duty to train them. Theyíre going to jail. We have to train them and tell them to focus on the right things and situations.

    And for everyone saying that itís not a race issue, of course it was a race issue. It was ignorance. I think whatís more stupid is that you had black cops in there too shooting. It was all of that. The race issue is now about being young and black. Sometimes the old folks donít like the young folks. If youíre an officer, sometimes you have that chip in your head where you think like them. If youíre white and youíre not an officer, youíre a part of us. Weíre all a part of the renegade team. They have everybody targeted. And thatís not to take the focus off black people because thatís where it started at. Weíve been telling them for years that we have to move more strategic and know how to move within ourselves because they know how to move. Theyíre training. We have to be training and get our minds right. Iím not going to reveal too much in this journal. It has more to do with things besides race. It has more to do with things than we think about.

    I think itís bullshit that Kramer got more play in the media than this shooting. Heís an inferior, scared-ass motherfucker. Heís simpleminded. Heís a millionaire for being a comedian. Thatís whatís wrong with this world we live in. Ignorance is promoted. Doctors are downplayed in this society. This is a modern-day Babylonia. Nothingís changed. Simplicity is pushed to a high level. If you want to live, you have to roll with it. A lot of these people are fake-ass sellouts behind closed doors. Theyíre talking all that revolutionary shit but theyíre not real about it. I know who you are. You have to come out the closet like R.Kelly said.

    Jesse Jackson said we should stop using the word ďnigga.Ē Thatís stupid. Heís down with them too. How long has he been in politics? Ainít shit change yet! A lot of politicians are talking about ďdonít use the n-word.Ē The power is out of that word. The word is used so much. Niggas donít even know their true nationality. I donít think using that word makes any difference. If youíre my nigga, youíre my nigga. So what? I have to keep it real. These political leaders kill me. Jesse Jackson is sitting up there saying, ďDonít use the n-word.Ē Thatís because heís up there with them. If anything, try to figure out and tell us what happened with Martin Luther King Jr. Tell us the truth. I donít care who gets mad at that. There are a lot of political secrets and things that are going to go down if they open their eyes and ears. This is Priest. Iím talking this shit. Itís real.

    I donít give a fuck who says the word ďnigga.Ē White people canít really use that word, but I donít give a fuck about it. It doesnít really bother me when white people say it. Itís like a slang now. A lot of people are emotional about it. I donít give a fuck who uses that word. Just donít use it out of context. Itís how you use it. ďThatís my nigga right there.Ē Thatís whatever. I donít care about it no more. I never used to say that word, but I started saying that word as a form of rebellion. I feel you could make an acronym out of that. You know me, I make acronyms out of anything.

    And I didnít buy Kramerís apology. I donít buy no apologies. I donít accept apologies. If you want to apologize, do something for the hood. Fuck all of that. All those apologies donít mean nothing. You got cats out here starving. I was just talking with this African sister and she was telling me how they treat the brothers over there in the mining industry. Iím not even rocking ice anymore. All my jewelry is going to be on my shelf. Everybody should stop rocking that shit for a minute. All that shining is bullshit. Niggas are dying over that. I used to rock a lot of diamonds in the Ď90ís. I wore a lot of jewelry. The whole Clan knows. I gave all that stuff to my moms and I donít rock that no more. When I saw whatís happening with it, I said, ďI canít rock it anymore.Ē

    I canít speak on what my Wu brothers will do, but they should stop rocking ice. Iím not doing it though. Rae and them are iced out. There ainít nothing wrong with flossing, but there is with a certain type of jewelry. Ghost wears a lot of gold. Fuck all of those diamonds. Motherfuckers canít afford that shit and people are getting killed for it and weíre over here doing nothing. It looks beautiful though. It looks good, but theyíre going through hell over there.

    When kids in Africa and Puerto Rico were young, from the stories Iíve heard, they used to play with jewelry. Iíll stick to that. The value of work is everything.

    The mixtape, Prelude to the Offering 2, is done. Iím going to continue putting out product and music. Iím going to become like Katrina. Iím going to flood all the hoods and Iím not going to stop. This is the Lordís work I have to do. I feel I have a higher cause to do this. Iím going to have all kinds of demons coming at me and Iím prepared to battle. Itís the Byzantine King Supreme. Iím going to have all types of negatives but Iím ready for that. Iím riding for the truth and I have my sword drawn. The truth will set you free. Iím not mixing or diluting my shit. Iím not watering nothing down. You canít mess with this. Iím a grown man and I know where I stand. Iím riding for the truth. Anybody else riding for the truth, come on. Anybody else not riding for the truth, you better get out of the way. Even if you think youíre going to stop me, Iím riding with power. Thereís going to be thousands and millionsÖ144,000 getting shot. Yíall do the math. The smart ones know what Iím talking about. And thatís men and women. Iíve been meeting a lot of revolutionary sisters ready to roll for the truth. Thatís good because they play a part in this too.

    I donít have anything else to say unless itís intelligent and a movement. Donít come to me and talk to me about something stupid about some rapper. If you come up to me, tell me about something that will change my life or about how to change our living environment and mentality. Iím talking about everybody. This is about changing the mentality because if everyone can learn how to respect everybody else, that will make a great change on the way weíre living. Thatís real talk.

    Peace and harmony. Iím headed back to the tombs right now to finish up some of my scribes. Yíall will hear from me in a minute. For all you haters out there, yíall are going against Godís work. You make me laugh.

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    thanks man that was a good read

    "And I didn’t buy Kramer’s apology. I don’t buy no apologies. I don’t accept apologies. If you want to apologize, do something for the hood. Fuck all of that. All those apologies don’t mean nothing."

    i couldnt agree more.

    fuck an apology.

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    KP is vital to the revolution. I am thankful for his teachings. Your right Turn the Page, KP is the truth. Thanx for the read Silencer!

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    peace 2 KP he my n.i.g.g.a. he always sayin shit i agree with in his journals i read em all. some of that shit he sayin is over yall headz. and b.i.b.l.e that song changed my life when i was growing up really did.
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