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Thread: Rules and Regulations

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    Default Rules and Regulations

    We can keep it street, and at the same time we can keep it safe!

    Some rules and regulations to keep the streets "street" but still safe....

    Whoever isn't doing "street" sh*t, you leave them alone.

    No killing women and children (the scarface rule)

    The people you have beef with, you only beef with them, leave everybodye else out of it.

    Keep the streets in the streets. There's no reason why a person's home or business should be invaded. There's innocent people who don't have anything to do with the streets living and working there.

    Protect the block from outsiders. This includes police!

    Protect the people who live on your block(women and children)

    No snitching!!!

    No illegal activities around the babies!

    Be responsible!

    No selling drugs to the youth! Leave them alone. They're off limits.

    Respect where you live.

    Learn how to aim. You can't bust your gun if you don't have proper training.

    Give back to the community.

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    This has been tried before. Everyone from Folks Nation to Tupac has dropped some code that failed. If they respected laws, they wouldn't be criminals in the first place.
    And what shall we toast?

    Madness! Combustion! Liberty and the end of all law! The invisible international! The toast is anarchy!

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