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Thread: Method Man n SuperHead

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    Default Method Man n SuperHead

    idk if n e 1 has heard of dis chick ... she goes by da name of SuperHead ... After releasing her tell-all book “Confessions of a Video Vixen,” which exposes sexual affairs between her and numerous hip-hop artists, actors and athletes, Steffans has literally turned the entertainment industry upside down with her tales of infidelity.

    n e wayz ... she supposebly fucked Method Man ... i'm listenin 2 a link on Hot97.com ... its a long ass interview n shit ... Kool G Rap n his wife were confrontin Superhead ... Method Man later on calls da show n is pissed as fuck cuz he said he doesnt know her ...

    imma put a link .. so if u interested in listen ... jus click da link ...


    -dead- @ Big Tigger takin it in da ass .... dat nigga was denyin it like crazy ...

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    Default Re: Method Man n SuperHead

    already been posted man.

    BIG L Rest In Peace

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