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Thread: Dipset Doesn't Deserve So Much Hate

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    I do not hate them, but I do not like their music
    Favorite artist In order
    Az, Nas, Eightball & Mjg, Talib Kweli, Ghostface killah, Gza, and Krazyie bone

    Favorite albums, Aziatic: it was written< on top of the world(CLASSIC), Reflections eternal,(classic) Supreme Clientel(classic), Gza(Liquid Swords) and Thug on tha line

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    Quote Originally Posted by AcidPhosphate69 View Post
    Juelz sorta sucks. He comes out with these metaphors that don't make any sense. "I'm straight out like hot spaghetti" Now, I'm not sure if any of you are aware of this but hot spaghetti isn't straight. It's all cooked and noodlely. So, is he sayin' he's not straight? Does he mean he's limp and shit? What the fuck is he trying to tell us.


    Oh, come on.

    First off, not a metaphor.

    Second, how do you not get that? Fast out, right out, etc. Spaghetti being hot right when it comes out.


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    3 words... dipset christmas album...

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    their last few albums weren't that appealing to me, but they're def one of the most entertaining hiphop artists right now - they know how to make songs... powerful music, maing

    Trippin' off the beat kinda, drippin' off the meat grinder
    Heat nina, pimpin', strippin' soft sweat minor
    China was a neat signer, trouble with the script digits
    Double dip, bubble lips, subtlest midget

    MF Doom

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quik17 View Post
    3 words... dipset christmas album...
    ...Is so good.

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    If you're trying to analyze Dipset lyrics, or at least Juelz lyrics, then you've lost in the first place. Apart from the less popular members, Jim, Juelz, and Cam aren't particularly about lyrics; they just make music that you can vibe to and there's nothing wrong with that. I'll play devil's advocate and pretend they have no talent whatsoever, their music is still good simply off the strength of their production. Entertainment is underrated among backpackers.
    Hip-Hop's forefathers...that's right...forefathers.

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    beyond their lyrical capabilities these guys are independent hustlers at the top of their game..every mainstream artist like 50 cent gets maybe 15 cents an album sold...dipset dudes get almost 8 dollars an album cuz they runnin their own show..thats why they do so many mixtapes and drop a major label album only once in a great while...dudes are geniuses when it comes to makin money..thats why they dont give a fuck if they spit ill lyrics cuz theyre makin a mill when they sell 200,000 whereas your favorite mainstream rappers are makin like 10 grand not even after all the money is spread around...i dont particularly enjoy their music but i definitly idolize their business savvy...everyone could take a note from the dipset money-makin manual

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