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Thread: " 360fficial "

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    Why you put 15 of your own threads on here / you should spread them out more

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    i been down
    but now im down at the basement
    with the pound tryna pound where my escape is
    death was the round and me it clowned with the faces
    scared to point of hearing loss
    steppin' on the bugs that would clog what im sayin'
    wired to the fingertips where ink wouldn't let a finger slip
    dipping is a novelty thats why carefully the finger sips
    to block logically ...so dotted lines became hard to trace
    followed blood drops thats why i start at base
    keys in the car too far from chase
    and it seems the scene was not all apart of tape
    shown to the criminal the home where clues warranted a subliminal
    shots driven rocks hidden what are the odds that it would split in two
    struck ground and lifted a bag filled with things considered pivotal
    but not recognized as the witnesses didn't survive the interview

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    broke bags , prone to expose holes and
    give it a lil' poke , see what come out for yo' po' ass
    governin' ain't for the government , the holds back
    reinforce a bunch of nonsense , control's flat
    heard some buzz cos the scientists' experiment
    wasn't what eying is , discriminate
    everything you see is virtual , read illiterate
    and it seems that by all means it's necessary to envision it
    pass the color boundaries , i wonder by how much descriptions miss
    put a label on what the cops chase
    can't cop wait , why not stop and pop face
    pills in bullet capsules legally to block stay
    go right through you and to the next , wherever but cop's safe
    still , what we making is a statement but not cos we make it
    cos to make it is to know how , and being broke oww, ok lets better define statement
    money is the basis , for worse if ever , from the dirt down to the work we lift - - better - -

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    same here
    word to my replay value
    when i can just rephrase jea
    now tears
    as i cries over
    everything my everything
    can't write over
    damaged same vein different action
    ink to the
    making all my itching classic
    old but never
    again the pleasure of rapping
    my endeavors to the letters
    and back since
    haven't been back since
    to take off or not to
    drop fillers i ve rapped in

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