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Thread: '80's had the sickest flicks

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    Cool '80's had the sickest flicks

    As the title says; the eighties was the fucking illest time for movies. The shit that was brought out was on some next shit in jackets and tight jeans tip. Problem Child I & II were on some shit; esspecialy II with Jr cathing wreck everytime with his Granfather & that 20yr old bully; there just too many shits that happened in that movie. And remeber mr Peebody? i heard that guy might be a preacher or some shit.. the eighties was on some shit. I was born in that age so those types of movies just come as a natural thing. Remember Three Ninja Kids and Snyder being the life of that movie with his sick punchlines and maxed out persona?!

    Police Acadamey even though its life didnt start in the eightes it carried on consistency with the essence of back in the day. With Rahzels brother always doing technics with beats & sounds; & who could forget Harris & Proctor in PA5!? on some shit again, together with the main bad guy always looking tight.

    Now these flicks were on some shit... Boomerang & Coming to America with Eddie Murphy & Alseno Hall on the second. Boomerang had a good 'karma' story to it and was ill with Chris Rock the young buck up in that. Coming 2 America was a gem. When Semi open the door to the king & finds out his punishment is a sgood ass bath!! funny shit. That Soulglo tip; Marcus acting likea bitch at the basketball game; The preacher;the barbers; when Hakeem is getting married for the 1st time & his helper is singing the girl in; funny ass shit. That was like a b-boy era for making flicks everyone was on it. Jackie Chan with 'Wheels on Meals' where he's in Italy driving those Mitsubishi's & catching wreck Mr.Fat whos the private detective; ill shit once again.

    Then the cartoons; Ninja Turtles had some shit going on there aswell the best cats were Shreader & the brain always talking shit with each other. Then the Chipmonks & Tiny Toons (fuck the looney toons); they were also on some shit. But my all time favorite was MC Hammers cartoon; hands down nobody could touch that cartoon back in the day and always had the characters catching wreck whatever they did;even the shoes. Im not done yet but i got to stop so u cats that dont like reading chill; but hopefully uve been checking the knowledge ive been dropping so plz get back this thread. PS. Also see 'Fish Called Wonder' & 'Nuns on the Run'? on some shit once again-peace

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    80's were the shit...aliens, robocop, lethal weapon, terminator and so much more...

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