Cash rules everything around me
Shyheim get it funky holla holla ill ya

I grew up on the rhyme side the new world right side
Playing a rhyme was no lie
Had weapon sports none found in vault man
So we lose the golden hand
A stung crew losing the old juice Yo jewels
Only way I begin to see was mo rules
And let's start it like this lung rolling in this slum
And passion Just like son iron lung
But it was just a team for the cream sympathy
Got soaken tipsy
And fuckin up in crates and doing this for my way
Straightning up crates filled with shalion rings and blades
Corecting me to bleed for maximum speed
Abombination flooded blood in a stream
In the section I would flow off and try and get the blow off
Spitting up lyrics in war sports
I knifed a red letter Make the letter redder
Time is tough and ruff to measure
G diggers house I sent silk suite
So I got a sick bitch suckin and fuckin got us torn out
Falling on benz and bently every streak we gave shorty keys
Blow triggers correct rhyme or here flow the jet grind
Freak out - now lose in hell bound