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Thread: Word From the Genius

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    The Legacy

    Default Word From the Genius

    GZA is one of the best MCs alive. I have all of his work except this and it is hard to find. Somebody please hook me up and upload it.

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    Default Re: Word From the Genius

    they just posted either today or yesterday to NOT start any request threads.... and u already asked this in the audio section.. keep it where it belongs the guys that run the forum dont need 2 be wastin their time deleting threads like this.. i iant tryin 2 be a dick but if u didnt know now you do

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    Default Re: Word From the Genius

    You cannot upload full albums on this site.

    Try contacting me "Prolifical" on soulseek and I can give it to you....I think everyone should have the oppertunity to hear it.

    If you dont find me, there are a few people in the "wu tang clan" room that also have it.

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    Default Re: Word From the Genius

    man its a good album god
    Quote Originally Posted by SATAN View Post
    Allah is my bitch
    Quote Originally Posted by Methodman View Post
    Canít stand Cilvaringz, by the way.... Itís never us coming with the gimmicks. Itís always on the outside, a "B" Wu guy or somebody like that coming with some crap thatís just so gimmicky. It makes you scratch your head and say, ĎWhy Wu-Tang?í when itís not Wu-Tang.
    Quote Originally Posted by CharlesJones View Post
    That's a guy in those pictures who's a woman?

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    Default Re: Word From the Genius

    try amazon.com

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    Default Re: Word From the Genius

    yeah try amazon if you want to pay $50 for the reissue.

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    Default Re: Word From the Genius

    you can download all the songs off any music software like lime wire..

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    Default Re: Word From the Genius

    I had it on liquidswords.tk a few times. No doubt that shit is impossible to find in stores. Your best bet is to keep your eyes peeled in Pawn Shops or eBay


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    Default Re: Word From the Genius

    Yea it is a good album, just download it from someone

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    Default Re: Word From the Genius

    not an impressive album but it has a few good tracks. old school type sound

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