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Thread: The Lex Diamond Album

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    no one likes u ^^^

    Pussy Ass Quotes
    Quote Originally Posted by gi0vanni
    create man you're always bitching at people. you need to take a chill pill. you jump on people every chance you get.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Create
    no one likes u ^^^
    you going to cry?

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    Default Re: The Lex Diamond Album

    I love this album too, I thought I was the only one. The only songs I hate is the god awful Ice Cream 2 and Wyld in The Club. I even like Robbery. For some strange reason I love the restaurant skit, its obvious Rae took that from Heat, "You know this is a flip coin situation". Once Upon A Time featuring Tekitha was a great way to end the album, although the lyrics don't match inside the booklets. The only thing I noticed, Rae didn't come that vicous with the lyrics, but I still think the album was good. Good just like Immobilarity (yeah I said it).

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    Default Re: The Lex Diamond Album

    songs i did like on the album:

    pitbull fights
    musketeers of pig alley
    all over again
    smith bros.
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    this album sucks. i listened to it 2-3 times and i forgot about it.
    and the worst wu album is the prequel.
    for me hillside scramblers is better than many other wu albums

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