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Thread: Who this?

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    that aint no one frm the clan

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    because in 2003 at the rza concert in kassel,.. i had afterparty tickets,.. together with a friend we went there and rza and bereeta came up,... beretta talked to me and said:"yout got a job"?
    and then he says:" your job is now to keep watching the Rzarectah!" i was like "wouh!! mann THX i appreciate that a lot",.. so i and my freind had to keep the fans of from rza,... but rza gave everyone who wanted a autograph and fotos and shit,.. but we should watch rza,.. so no one makes bullshit,.. latewr we went to their hotelroom therew and i was all the time with beretta,... my freind was with mast akilla and we smoked a lot
    ( THEY DONT smoke with tobacco,.. 100 % weed!!! ) then i said:" 100% of taste,.." and beretta was like "yeah damn! you´re right",.. we did´n´t smoke blunts,. only joints with papers but wihtout tobacco,... rza was all the time with his Biatches and tekitha and so ,.. bereta talked to me a lot and we chilled together and smoked,.. rza gavbe a fuck on me and my friend,... i dunno why,.. masta killa was tight to and tekitha 4 sure,.. she is a really NICE!!!! person,.. gotto say that,.. my friend even danced with her,.. she is very freindly,.. but rza gave fuck on us,.. only the last 5 minutes we were there he talked with us,..
    but i ám not mad at him or shit,.. i can understand that,... and wu is still my fav,... everyone,..
    Da wu is coming through , da wu is coming through!

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