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    does anyone know a mobb deep site or forum just based on mobb deep can u let me know what it is thx

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    The only sites they have are from their label. Theres and This site has mad pictures on it... besides that thier aren't to many more.

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    So, that how it is... If you guys know some usefull or "COOL PLACES" on the net, just post it here, & everybody will be happy Here some from me:

    1. (First, it's necessary to register. Then choose musical style & you'll see how much stuff you can download there (mobb deep alsou) )

    2. ( it's mean russian Hip-Hop, - world hip-hop & - hip-hop from users )

    3. (In this line - "Строка поиска: "
    write name of musical group & then press the button "ENTER" Next steps you'll find out in your self... )

    4. (Go to "music" section & download)

    5. (Just go to "watch episodes" & have a good time )

    And this is it, for this time

    PEACE 2 OL YA...
    Everybody talking about GOOD OLD DAYS

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