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    A broken mind, followed by a beautiful loss,
    the goverment doesn't care, only about the funeral cost.
    Wisdom to the wiser, I woke up in a cold world,
    surrounded by the power that count's down to the final hour.
    I made a choice, a step ahead instead of 2 behind,
    a mind design, that's screamed out, by a line in a rhyme.
    I'll get mine, but not before I give your's,
    I arrived on the step's, just needed to open the door's.
    make the change, don't disregard this,
    cause kicking the habit, is often one of the hardest.
    my life's death will be followed by some other,
    flat line, death's sign, followed by another one of my brother's.
    first of all, were just a pawn in the game,
    the frontline's all the same, fighting just to save the high fame.
    life's the puzzle, putting it together often take's question's,
    but some handle the peice's wrongfully, often followed by a confession.
    I have a suggestion, stop killing each other,
    cause I often see behind blue eye's on the face of a mother.
    wake up, stop sleeping on you're dream's,
    plan you're life, instead of murderious scheme's.
    Killing each other, I don't even see why,
    these innocint kid's die, just in a blink of a eye.
    I miss my life, somthing's gotta give,
    I have to work the rest of my life for the goverment...
    just to live.
    I hate this life, one time a bullet had my name on there,
    but I woke up, scratched it out, and shot it in the air.
    Im not rapping, fuck rap, fuck this game, fuck the player,
    Im working on the cure for my family, but that's like working on a prayer.
    I asked god one night If I would make it,
    but I got no answer, so my answer was basic.
    We walk in the flesh, we live just for our line to live on,
    so after I die, my hope for my only son will live strong,
    will he live right, or will he live wrong?
    I hope i'm getting through to you in the word's of this song
    This life's a mountain, but like us all, im climbing,
    im not living, to be completly honest, im just dying.
    Were a nation signed to a slave ship,
    were basic, like a gun pointed to us, aimed it,
    if we don't meet the demand's, then were shot down,
    ridculed, and label'd the leech of our home town.
    so much pain behind my eye's, but half the time I keep them closed,
    cause I don't want to know what's coming round the corner, sorrow's woe's.
    I lost alot of family,
    I lost alot of dream's,
    I lost alot of mentailty,
    Criminal minded from the scheme's.
    It's getting dark, the word's speak of death, just from what I say,
    im dying in this life, but I fight to live another day.
    But im dying, that's my word.

    Protons Electrons Always Cause Explosions

    This is the real Idaho

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    Another one of those not quite rhyming, from the top of my mind how I felt rhyme's, they get alot of my chest, peace.

    Protons Electrons Always Cause Explosions

    This is the real Idaho

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