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i get your point but when speaking of illlegal i meant "against the law of the government" - and that is the case, isnt it? that it probably cant be stopped is something different.

you made a good point saying that everyones lives are built around money. actually a month ago i was at a discussion about filesharing with the main protagonists being a successful rapper (and labelowner), someone who wrote a book about mp3s(rip, mix and burrrn) and a member of the "chaos computer club". of course most ppl in the audience had the opinon that filesharing should be legal but what really shocked me was that they said things like: "do the artists love the money or the music?". i personally think thatīs bullshit because i think that as we are living in a world run by money everyone is free to decide wether to charge money for the performance or the opus he is providing. we dont live in communism and imho it would be very unfair to let a taxi drive take money for his work but a musician not.
it is on the other hand outta question that cds are too fucking expensive! the record companies complain now, but they didnt do shit about it back then. if i buy a cd these days itīs on ebay or amzon for low price and shit is a classic album i wann own with cd an booklet. but i remember b4 my internet days how expensive it was for me as a teenager to buy a cd and compared to the prices now they have even risen.
but it ISNT illegal, its just on that edge, belive me, im part of a pirateing community called eP or ePirate.net, i always read the latest news....
and the courts cant bann P2P Programs, meaning on the net, only hyperlinking is illegal, any P2P program wheather its, torrent, edk2, or simple movie and audio files for which ever handler is LEGAL, i know my shit