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    RZA Launches Wu Tang Latino
    By Tiffany Hamilton
    Date: 6/8/2005 5:30 pm

    The RZA has teamed up with Ray Acosta, former VP of Musica Latina and Marketing at UBO, to launch a new label, Wu-Tang Latino.

    "Wu-Tang Latino is the perfect fusion between Hip-Hop and Reggaetone," Acosta, President of Wu-Tang Latino, told AllHipHop.com. "I felt it was necessary because we [as Latinos] love Hip-Hop but in the love for Hip-Hop, we were losing our culture. So I feel that this joint venture with RZA is the perfect solution because it's Hip-Hop and Reggaetone, but it's not too overwhelming from either side to where you don't know what you're listening to."

    The label has already signed four artists who all plan on dropping albums next year.

    I am happy with the venture" artist/producer Rameses said. I have been a fan of Hip-Hop since forever, so to team up with members of the Wu-Tang Clan and to be on a label that has the same vision for my music as I do, is incredible."

    In addition to Rameses, artists Ruster, NP Killah, Shown Black and Gil will be some of the artists featured on the upcoming Wu-Tang Latino mixtape due out in August.

    "We just want to bring everyone together." Acosta continued. We want to create our own type of music on the East Coast, because we have Reggaetone, but the West coast has Regional Hip-Hop for Mexicans. Eventually I would like it all to be classified as Latino Hip-Hop to embrace us all."

    Look out for the debut single from Rameses featuring Mef to be out as soon as next week.

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    Wack lol

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    ppls......post ....say sumthing....

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    this is at least the 3rd thread on this...thats prolly why nobody is sayin shit..

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