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Thread: Watch tha beat drop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reign View Post
    when you get that sample in how can you make it go slower? like just the sample? so it sounds in slo mo
    WaveTraveller has a speed knob. On a sampler channel, timestretch.
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    Whatup GameOfDeath? I dont think that Reign uses the wave traveler cuz if he did then he would know right off the bat about the speed. No offense Reign but when you open up the wave traveler , you have the turn the pitch right off the bat to even start fuckin with the sample.

    Also , thanks for the listen Reign. I like that track that you got "8th monk(sp?)". You are starting to really develop this ill vibe. I like seein how this is all gonna turn out as well.

    Peace to all.
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    You got some good things goin on with these tracks. It'll be cool to see the progression of where you take things. I personally use Recycle to chop up samples. Personally, I'm never lookin to jack a riff altogether, just the sound itself. I try to take things to where people could never tell the actuall source of the music. keep doin you though, you got good ideas here, just keep diggin for those sounds.

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