Why make an FAQ for the reputation system?

First, this stuff isnt in the normal forum FAQ that comes with this VBulletin style board...in this version anyway. Next is since this forum is relatively big, I encourage people to participate in the system. In a large online community, it can better distinguish how everyone contributes to the board for those that are unfamiliar with certain users. Also, I have seen threads pop up asking about this every month so hopefully this helps. Oh yeah, if you see one of those threads, feel free to post a link to this thread for them.

** Please note, I have not seen the administrator control panel where the reputation feature is, so I am only guessing the values in this thread assuming it has not been set different from the VBulletin defaults.

What is the purpose of the reputation system?

In short, it separates the jokers (the bad ones anyway) to the thinkers. To the people with more points, it makes their posts “stronger” Some forums may have some kind of prizes, usually an additional forum feature that nobody else has but I don’t think there is a prize on this forum or else it would be heard of.

What are reputation points?

On the bottom right corner of everyone’s post on any thread, there is a “%” button. When you click it, a pop up box appears and asks what you think of that user’s post. Then you can check either “I Approve” or “I Disapprove”. Then if you want, you can leave a comment in the text box below. If you click on your own “%” sign, it will show you how much reputation you received for that post.

Do I have to participate in the system?

No. This is an optional feature that can only be encouraged to be used. Of course there are many people that don’t care about it what so ever, and some people think its just silly to have “reputation” on the “internet”.

How can I see my reputation points?

If you go in your user control panel, it will be on the right side under your subscribed threads. In the right corner of it, it will show your total points (new users start off with 10 points of positive). It will also show you the last 5 reputations you received by thread title, date, and the other users comment. (Note that the admin setting right now is that you cannot see the name of the person that gave you the reputation, unless they put their name in the comment box)

How do I see other people’s rep points?

You cannot see their exact numbers. However, you can see the number of squares beside the user’s name where the more green squares mean higher reputation, and red squares mean a negative point value. If you want to know how all members rank in reputation, just go to the members list and click on “reputation” to sort by descending reputation.

How Do I know what kind of reputation I received?

In your user cp in the left column where it shows reputation, there are squares. A green square is positive, red is negative, and white is neutral, from a user with less than 50 posts or from a user with a negative reputation score.

How much reputation can I give?

If I am correct, you can give out 10 times in 24 hours, and must give out to 20 different users before you can give to one user again. (this is what I think the numbers are set as, if you figured out different from personal experience let me know.) This prevents people from abusing the system. But of course any man made system isn’t perfect. But an admin can rate as many people as many times as they wish.

Do different users give different amounts of points when they give reputation?

Yes, this is how it works.
- Members with less than 50 posts give neutral reputation (zero points)
- Members over 50 posts give 1 point for positive and -1 point for negative
- Every 1000 posts increases the members reputation weight by 1
- Every 100 reputation points increases the members reputation weight by 1
- Every year of membership increases the members reputation weight by 1
- Administrators reputation weight is defaulted at 10 points (I think)
- Members with negative reputation gives neutral points

Example: A user that has 210 rep points, has been here for just over 1 year, and has 3300 posts would give out 7 points of positive or negative of reputation (since 1 initial point + 2 from their own reputation + 1 from the year + 3 from posts.)

How does one get more green squares under their name?

At 100 reputation points, one will get an additional green square. After every 100 reputation points, an additional square will be added. After so many (I think 5 squares) then the square adding sequence jumps to every 200 points. I forgot the maximum number of squares someone can get, but I think its 10 or 11.

How come the monikers are different when I put my cursor over different people’s square(s) under their name?

That is another factor how to see someone’s reputation that I haven’t explained in the “How do I see other people’s rep points?” section. This is how it goes:

-99999 points = User is infamous around these parts
-50 points = User can only hope to improve
-10 points = User has a little shameless behavior in the past
0 points = User is an unknown quantity at this point
10 points = User is on a distinguished road
50 points = User will become famous soon enough
150 points = User has a spectacular aura about
250 points = User is a jewel in the rough
350 points = User is just really nice
450 points = User is a glorious beacon of light
550 points= Users name is known to all
650 points = User is a splendid one to behold
1000 points = User is much to be proud of
1500 points = User has a brilliant future
2000 points = User has reputation beyond repute

When should I give people positive reputation?

When a user makes a well thoughtful post worth reading. You might not agree what is said, but the post might really stand out in the topic. Or a person may have created a very good thread that made the forum worth visiting to read. Also whenever someone helped you in some way, as in tech help or gave you files or something in that nature. Just because someone is your friend is not a good enough reason to give reputation.

Then when should I give negative reputation?

A post that should recieve negative reputation is where someone does not follow the topic. A “troll” post that was just meant to give an outrage of flames from everyone else, or users that just fight in a thread. Just because you dislike a user isn’t a good reason to give bad reputation.

Should I give you receive reputation for this thread?

Well, if it helped you and you think it deserves one, then go ahead. If you found this thread through a link, then whoever gave you that link should get the points and leave it at that.

How often do you give out point rewards?

About once or twice whenever I log onto the site. Thats if I see posts I think deserve it.

Why did you (Prolifical ENG) do this FAQ?

At this time I had a little bit of time on my hands. Therefore I thought I might as well help the WTC team out. With a shortage of staff, there is only so much they can do….so these FAQs are not on top of their priority lists. This may also encourage people to use the system since there recently been groans about bad threads and threads about who contributes what to this board past and present.

Does it really matter?

Yes...Yes it does. In the long run. Especially if you read this entire FAQ, you are obligated to participate.

What can I do to change the world? (meaning you, the reader)

Just smile