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Thread: Cd Problem

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    Hey all,Ive been working on this shit for the last 2 hours and i was wondering if anyone could hel. I bought a copy of Fabolous : More Street Dreams pt2 on cd and i am having trouble ripping the cd into mp3 format on my harddrive. Ive tried different ripping programs and they all produce read errors on the first track only..... Anyone got any advice

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    does the ripping program show the same amount of tracks as on the cd cover? some cds with copy protection have an extra program and sometimes this is recognized as a cd track.

    have you tried ripping just one random track, eg #3?

    what programs have u tried? any scratches on the cd?

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    It's probable protected, try downloading Musicmatch Jukebox, and copy the album onto your PC, it always works with me , even with protected albums.

    Or....the pc refuses to have Fabulous on y'r pc...probable a pc with taste j/p
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    It's The Pcdj Demo! Damn You Pcdj! Damn You All To Hell!

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