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Thread: The Razor Rasuli Thread

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    Default The Razor Rasuli Thread

    Sorry I didn't read da rules on how to name it before my first post.

    This is an old rhyme of mine and I would love some feedback positive or negative. Anyone. Honest opinions wanted.

    In Da Mouth Of Madness

    With 666 I drip blood on dis bitch's tits.
    Da bitch is having fits. Eyes are salty like Ritz...
    crackers. Now shut da fuck up b4 I smack ya... backwards
    then I'll fuckin hack ya to pieces or I'll implant into tou a fetus
    and make you give birth to a new demonic Jesus.
    I'm puttin you in more shock,
    making your fuckin jaw lock
    when I'm breakin down your door lock,
    releasing powers like a warlock.
    I am the R. Megadon.
    I promise that you will be dead by dawn.
    You can't nail me to a cross, so try nailin me to a pentagram.
    Evil. Kill. Kill. Boy you need practice.
    If you don't get wicked, I'll chop your head with my hatchet.
    Now I'm gonna be nice and end da pain.
    I'm draggin you up and down the block by your veins.
    Confession. This is your daughter I'm molestin
    her perfection with my satanic possession.
    Nigga beware, Razor is near.
    So why do you dare to enter my lair?
    What are you? Stupid? I'm puttin anger into Cupid.
    You'll have less pain givin birth to quadruplets.
    I'm psycho pathic like Norman Bates.
    I have my claws in your grill and ripping the skin off your face.
    Control... over your soul... and your mind.
    I'm rippin out your throat and drinkin your blood like wine.
    Notice: I'm da wickedest rapper in da nation.
    Reason: because I have more funk than a haitian.

    You talk about you're gonna win da war, can't even win da battle.
    Watch your back kid, cause I'm blendin with your shadow.
    I've got mad flavor like candy.
    I'm da nasty YANKEE who put DOO-DOO with da DANDY.
    I'm your soul surgeon. From da grave I'm emergin.
    I'm da one who took Mary and made her Bloody. No longer virgin.
    Just remember, if you try to pull a number, I'll chop you up like lumber.
    Why have you disturbed my sleep?! Awakened me from my ancient slumber!
    I knew you were all pussy ever since I first saw you.
    You will Die!!! Like the others before you.
    One by one I will destroy you
    with the lyrical blizzard from da microphone wand of the wizard.
    I'm pullin in the bitches and peelin more skins than a lizard.
    Is it esquisite? I just don't know
    but I want your death to come nice and... slow. "Let them die slow"
    First I'll break both your arms (leprechaun voice>) "Then I'll bite off your toes.
    I'm da leprechaun. Eatin up m.c.s like potatoes"
    and I have that Killer Instict like that nigga Jago.
    Get da fuck away from me! Wat da fuck! Are you nuts?!
    I'm rippin out your brains and makin burgers with your guts.
    I'm breakin all da comandments from da first to the tenth
    because the souls of all da rappers give me strength
    of a tiger, speed of a panther.
    I'll have you sing an evil anthem to The Lyrical Phantom.
    Why? Cause I'm da nicest. I'll make your life a crisis
    and when you get home, you'll find your family in slices,
    proportions. You're lost in the harshness. Take caution in darkness.
    It's too late. You can't escape. Where ever you go I'll follow
    the scent of death. I'll take your breath. The soul is left to swallow.
    Flesh is hallow. You wish my rhymes were more shallow.
    It's too deep for you to comprehend.
    I'll kill off your whole crew. Call me your deadly friend.
    Because I am the thing that was... and shall be again.

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    "and I have that Killer Instict like that nigga Jago." lol good on

    good thing theres someone else on here that raps horrorcore most of these people dont. if u ever wanna do a horrorcore collabo gizzatme.

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