If you were to introduce new characters down the line in the X-Men saga or change the actors/actresses already playing a character, what changes would you make? If you think the actor playing the character in X 1 or 2 are the best choice then don’t list them. Here are the choices I’d make…

Storm - Angela Bassett

Iceman – Edward Norton

Gambit – Jean-Claude Van Damme

Rogue – Angelina Jolie

Archangel – Johnny Depp

Jean Grey – Sandra Bullock or Nicole Kidman

Cyclops – Tom Cruise or Christian Bale

Bishop – Denzel Washington

Forge – The Rock or Lou Diamond Phillips

Cable – Bruce Willis

Havok - Brad Pitt

Banshee - Colin Farrell

Blob – Ethan Suplee mixed with CGI

Mr Sinister – Jim Carrey or Christopher Walken

Juggernaut – Vin Diesel

Pyro - Russell Crowe or Denis Leary

Avalanche - Brendan Fraser

Quicksilver – Jude Law

Scarlet Witch - Catherine Zeta-Jones

Apocalypse – CGI, voice: James Earl Jones

Beast – CGI, voice: Anthony Hopkins or Kelsey Grammer

Colossus – Not sure… But he’s gotta be big and have an Authentic Russian Accent.