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Thread: The Food

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    Default The Food

    This song off Common - Be is probably one of may favorites on the cd; kanye came correct on the beat and common drops some tight lyrics. i like how they did the live version on the chappelles show, but i was kind of pissed that they put it on the cd because it doesnt sound as good. if anybody has the studio version and can post it i would appreciate it, or at least direct me to where i can can find it. one.
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    That's where they messed up. They didn't put a studio version of the song. They should have put both because he only has like 11 or 12 tracks. He could have at least put it on the bonus cd. That goes to show people still arn't thinking about the fans as much as they should. It took him too long to release the cd. That song was released a while back, Chappelle Show season 2 people.

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    they should have added the FOOD (studio) and the CORNERS (remix) to that album.......like I prob would have bought it then.....instead i have my B***** copy

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    He added 5 bonus songs, including food studio and corners remix, plus a dvd on the version of the cd i got.
    And finally an album which contains no fillers, just dope tracks.

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    ohhhhhhh man i fucking love the live versio, that shit brings some feeling but yeah the real version should be there too

    and the album is flames man...there are only dope tracks, and the subject matter is just perfect !

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    Default Re: The Food

    testify is my favourite on that shite, the beat is insane

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    The live version is better than the studio version...more energy...

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