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Thread: My memories of the B.B. King GZA concert

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    Default My memories of the B.B. King GZA concert

    This is a copy of a post I made on another (excellent) forum, www.hoodbred-hiphop.com, on 3/25, a day after the concert:

    Yesterday I went to a (primarily) GZA concert in Manhattan, in the "B.B. King Blues Club & Grill" at 42nd Street. And it was GREAT.

    The first two hours of the thing were just local acts, with some standouts (like J Live, who showed off his skills by doing hot DJing and MCing at the same time!). And by the end of that I was had already stationed myself in the crowd about 6 persons from the stage. Right next to/in front of me were these three ghetto black guys, and behind me was this couple which made out for literally half an hour (till the guys in front of me got annoyed and bumped them).

    Anyway, then GZA stepped on stage and performed for the next 1 1/2 hours, and the thing was incredible, we were all amped as hell. And it was the icing on the cake when at different times, Inspectah Deck, Masta Killa, Ghostface, and Cappadonna stepped on the stage for a few songs, getting the crowd roaring (even though it was only a few hundred people).

    And even better for me, since it wasn't long before me and those guys next to me had advanced to the edge of the stage itself, right in front of the Genius himself. One of the guys even took off his outer shirt, a remembering ODB shirt, asked me to help him hold it up, and GZA borrowed it for part of his show, when he did this craaazy and heart-felt memorial rap about ODB, holding the shirt in the air.

    And then at the end, he took a permanent marker and signed something of everyone at the front of the stage, including the Yankee-stripes button-up I wore to the show.

    I tell ya, it was a night to remember.

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    Default Re: My memories of the B.B. King GZA concert

    Damn that sounds niiiiice... You're pretty lucky, I wish I could see the Wu live..

    And to top it off, J-Live was there!! I was bumpin All of the Above the whole day yesterday, he's underrated...

    .. and why couldn't he have been MY 8th grade teacher >_<..

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    Default Re: My memories of the B.B. King GZA concert

    sounds really nice

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