ayyo peace fam, i have to add something.

first the more important one:
a couple of days ago i discovered an adware-prog on ma laptop but it didnt bother me much since ma firewall wasnt letting it send and receive anything. but it kept trying and changed its name!!! so i tried "microsoft antispyware" and "spybot search & destroy" but without any efforts.
near to frustration i found via google in a forum the answer:
1) 1st of all disable automatic system regeneration!(maybe translation isnt correct, ma language is german - forgive me) you might know what i mean if u go to "workplace"--> right click-->disable system "regeneration"

2)download this nice prog:
the power behind this ON-DEMAND scanner is the scanning engine of KASPERSKY(one of the very best out there - but unlike this not for free).

3)unzip the file to a folder you like

4)open the "KAVUpd.exe" file. a DOS - window will appear and will load the updates from kaspersky(which is updated very often)

5)now you restart your windows system in "SAFE MODE"! you do that by pressing "F8" during start up. the SAFE MODE will load only files neccessary to run the system. thus the virus prog will not be loaded at start up!!!

6)now itīs time to find this motherfucker!!!
open the "mwavscan.com" file and let it scan!!!!!!!!

7) now if virus is found it will say you need to buy a tool bla bla bla. NO YOU DONT NEED TO! why? you can do it either manually OR like me using this: http://www.derbilk.de/escancheck110.sfx.exe.
unzip and run it. now you can load your "MWAV.LOG" into this program and it will indicate the files needed to be deleted.

AFTER doing so you should be clean of trojan-viruses. NOW you can run your "spybot" or whatsoeva-antispyware prog again and now it should be able to kill every spyware it wasnt capable of killing before(because the process files of the spyware were already running and your spyware had no "rights from windows" to kill dem).

i know i wrote a lot but now i am happy to have a "clean computer". if u have any questions or problems you can ask me. iīm no expert so in some cases simply ask Google .

spybot search & destroy: http://www.safer-networking.org/en/index.html

PEACE i hope i could provide some useful information to yalll.

now another thing:
i found a better, greater packaging program: IZArc , well the name sounds strange but itīs features speak for itself! far better then winrar, winzip etc!!!
-drag & drop

check it out: http://www.izsoft.dir.bg/

i posted this b4 on another forum but i hope this is useful to you. peace wutangcorp!!!