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Thread: Wierd time signatures in hip-hop

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    This is in 5/4.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BIG D O View Post
    death metal and jazz don't derive their rythym from the percussion to me....those derive their rythyms from the instrumentation....you ride along with the flute, horn, sax, guitar etc., more so than the drums/percussion which in those cases are simply used to like you said accentuate....accentuation ain't punctuation.....
    Quote Originally Posted by Juice Box View Post
    jazz & metal don't rely on rhythm nearly as much as hip-hop. neither have roots in dance music for one thing. jazz is driven by the rhythm section, but it's not naturally a rhythmic style of music. just sayin.
    Trying to reply to both but also to some specific things.

    To BIG DO, well I would also say punctuate as well, especially for metal, but for jazz too.

    For both of you: I'm no expert on jazz, but all the basic major stuff like Miles, Coltrane, Mingus, Nelson, etc. sounds very rhythm oriented to me. Sure, the solos become the focus of attention, just like the lyrics/flows do in rap, but you'd be nowhere without the drum backing, even if it's more subtle than in hip-hop.

    To Juice Box, how can you say jazz doesn't have roots in dance music? Ragtime, swing, big band, and bebop were all made originally for people to dance to. Only the blues element of jazz doesn't really stem from a dance music and the more sophisticated, less danceable styles of jazz, like modal and progressive jazz didn't really emerge until the 60s. The first few decades of jazz were all styles meant for dancing as well as listening.

    As far as metal goes..... yeah none of it is rooted in dance music, but it has its forms of "dancing" although metalheads would probably be upset if I called moshing dancing. In any case, a number of styles of metal, particularly brutal and technical death metal, have rhythmic "cues" for mosh pit behavior that could be considered analogous to cues for dancing in other types of music. This is essentially what "breakdowns" are, even though the overuse is becoming a trendy thing in crappy myspace metalcore/deathcore bands.

    In any case, here's some examples of metal where the drums and rhythm are extremely important. Indeed, the guitar riffs might still be the main attention grabber of the song and perhaps the basis of how they wrote it, but the drumming is almost equally important. It doesn't merely accentuate the song, it's an indispensable building structure, plus the guitars actually play "percussive" parts.

    (many would say Flo Mounier's drumming actually steals the show on this one. Check out the beat construction on 1:04).

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    back to hip-hop:

    these songs sound a little off-kilter, but I'm not good at counting time signatures so I can't tell if they aren't actually 4/4 still:

    EDIT: nvm, I think they are still 4/4. Rhymes aren't in normal meter, though.
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