listen, the day you came to earth, it marked a begining of a new age
but instead of the usual horns of glory, I heard a sweet voice of rage
it has to be all those emotions wandering around in search of a name
I don't blame you, you are a homerun made in this complexed game
the reqiuem of a hidden dream, a welcomed extend to my selfesteem
my endless love is a everlastion gift you recieved since you're conception
promiss me to never question that! even if a create a false perception
the truth is that we are all programmed by a holy grail but designed to fail
but in its essence that's the complexity that rewards our frickle humanity
one day you will understand, rebel & eventually re-arrange earth lessons

Lord you know how hard I tried to live my life and to get it right
All what I needed was some guidance in this world so I could see the light
I let the wrong ones in and kept the right ones out
When I met this angel of mercy to see through all my sins
Everyday I was going through different stages, put on new faces
Hiding behind a masquerade, smiling now, crying later
Times go fast, it seemed like yesterday I held you in my arms, now you can walk
Wish I was there when you said your first words and when you started to crawl
Since your birth it made me realize what I was doing and where I was heading too
Now I left my past behind me, new days are coming so I can spend them with you

I won't lie to you, sweetness, my life in its entity is less than perfect
to which I own to some mistakes, but am still able to work against it
cause when you reach clarity, I would love for you to look up on me
let my troubled path guide you through when you ran out of options
lean on this old man when world's spinnings make you too cautions
am talking outta experience, you know, our blood is thicker than wine
cause when words don't say enough, baby, just give me a hidden sign
and l'll be there garantueeed, wether it be in the physical or mental
here's our lil' secret, am absolutly not capable to ever let you down
and that fault am willing a to live for, that I promise you here & now

coming soon: more sherz & deini collabs and offcourse sum dolo joints from the ra's al ghul of this temple, moi!

power equality