That good ol' track by track :

1. Introduction 3.5 a bit too slow to rap over
2. New Year Banga 4 not dope but good
3. Illness - 4 flashes of brilliance... cash in abundance... good
4. Associated (f. Gza) - 4.5 fast beat, kinda ill... can't stand that new gza voice though
5. Mixture Of Muhammad - 3.5 not that bad but sort of a filler
6. Iconoclasts - 4.5 dope horns, great song
7. Founder Of Pain - 4 good shit, couldve gotten tiring had it been longer
8. Blinded - 5 love that shit, signature Bronze track............. but its produced by Kevlaar !
9. Up There Beyond - 4.5 one of my favorite, vocal sample is ill
10. Verbal Joust - 3.5 another that looks life a filler, but then again i cant front, i like it
11. Words from the Prodigal Sunn - ^^
12. Goblins - 5 that beat is fire, Planet Asia rips it, real dope
13. Welcome Home - 4 between 2 great tracks, it pales in comparison
14. Honor's Promise - 5 love that shit... once again i was surprised to see that Kev's behind the boards
15. Wisemen Approaching - 4 good way to end the album

As i love trumpets and vocal samples, i couldn't help but enjoy the cd... It lacks some microphone skills sometimes and more uptempo joints. Each song taken one by one is at least good, there are some dope dope tracks, it's very cohesive but it can seem a bit flat taken as a whole.

4/5 for the album