[ concept: there's three rooms with contain 4 lines about things that goes to this certian individual's mind. a certian moodswing, descriped in 4 lines. only in the 3rd room he takes, one step forward. get it (steps = lines) well you beautifull poeple, enter, enter...]

Room #1: If ignorance was bliss
everyone should have the right to my opinion and make it their own
the world would be a much better place of everyone was my clone
like a dictator, am not trying to hear what your saying to me
cause my will is your law, join me or end up inna masacre

Room #2: Self-Absorved vs. ??????
Image our planet as a centerpiece, then my wisdom is the masterpiece
So me and you canít be equal, why U wanna act like my wack sequel?
Thereís only room for one of us, so U gotta bare witness to my greatness
Want forgiveness for you incompetence? Then praise me for my existence

Room #3: ....and all ends well!
They say that inna world of blind, one eye would be the sole ruler & the king
But what if that eye goes blind? My guess is the that eye canít solve a thing
What if the sight gets blurred? the eye gets bad and puts up a senseless fight
Maybe we should barry the hache, cause togheter we can get a clearer vision
Letís not make this a solely an intermission, Ö.but lets make this our mission..

-the end-
(at least for now)