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Thread: Who killed JFK & RFK?

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    President Kennedy was by far the best leader the world has ever seen. I have listened to some of his speaches, he semed not to like corruption, and favour the freedom, not concealment of information. Is it any wonder why they got rid of him, can you imagine what he could of told us?

    The same forces killed him that killed Diana, Litvinenko, The Dr. who wrote the Iraqi Arms dossier (Name escapes me) and so many more

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    i once heard it was one of the drivers involved as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Urban_Journalz View Post
    You beat me to the punch 7 because I was really about to post the same shit. Nice one. Also, if anyone is still trying to say that 9/11 was anything except a controlled demolition by our Government, then I highly recommend a little documentary called, "Loose Change". Peace.
    Someone actually agrees with common sense and their own eyes. Cool. 911 is complicated completely while Greer killing Kennedy is stupid easy, as far as reaching a conclusion.

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    1 - As I illustrated the Storm Drain shooters have been highlighted by Masonic TV producer, Cris Carter...the whole assassination is in taht episode...Get your hands on a copy of that episode...it is all there....dozens of eyewitnesses reported seeing this but they are all dead thanks to Arlen Spector...These people hide the truth in plain sight....The same Chris Carter gave you 911 6 months before it happened....He called the show the Lone Gunman....that is a masonic Joke....because everybody knows what "The Lone Gunman" really means...It means "Patsy"....

    That is why Lee Harvey Oswald...as he is being escorted through Dallas Police Station...is not nervous, he isn't scared, the only thing that comes out of his mouth is..."Im Just a Patsy"......The Mob always kills the Patsy cuz Patsies talk...but dead Patsies dont...and sure enough Ruby walks in and murders him in cold blood....The Mafia is a Masonic Intelligence Agency...thats all it is....

    This Chris Carter guy works for Fox TV...the network of the Bush Administration...and he just happens to make an X Files episode showing you where the kill shots came from...then turns around and just happens to predict the 911 disaster by 6 months...coincidence...not bloody likely..

    2 - Do some home work on Zapruder, Spector and most of the key players in the Assassination...their all Masons...The whole damn warren commission...were Masons...Gerald Ford belonged to so many masonic groups, that you needed a computer to keep track of them...watch his funeral...christ...there was a maltese cross all over the Floor during his mass...that refers to the Order of Malta...Vatican Masonic Group...this stuff is old news...

    3 - The Vatican connection has been done to death....take a look at Eric Phelps work on the subject....When you are talking about the CIA/Mafia/Mossad/MI-6...you are really referring to the Vatican who control all of them.....nobody but nobody has the power to kill a President without getting it authorized by the Jesuit who work out of the Vatican....


    4 - Fascist control of the United States should be obvious to anybody as there are two Fasci's sitting side by side one another in the US Congress...


    5 - There were Grassy Knoll Shooters as the dozens of eyewitnesses are seen running toward the Knoll in the video...but those shooters were diversionary....they were firing blanks shooting randomly into the air...they were several teams of shooters....the main ones where in the Sewer...the only place a clear shot could be taken from....

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    Oswald was not the shooter....he knew of the plan...as he was CIA himself as well as an FBI snitch... What he did not know was that he was being set up from the very beginning...Much of it started with John Kerrys Father who was Naval Inteligence & worked at the Justice Department hiring Oswalds Baby Sitter so that Oswald could work during the day at the infamous School Book Depository Building...this is the reason a Young John Kerry at the time would prance around Yale campus bragging that he was going to be President one day....even referring to himself as "JFK"......

    Remember, it was 3 years later in 1966...that Kerry became a Bonesman....Anybody who contributed to the Assassination of JFK was rewarded financially & professionally...and their children were promised the same rewards...like this man.......

    Charles Voyde Harrelson (July 23, 1938 – March 15, 2007[1][2]) was an American freelance hitman connected with organized crime and was convicted of assassinating a federal judge. He was the father of actor Woody Harrelson[1].


    Harrelson was tried for the 1968 killing of Sam Degilia in Edinburg, Texas. The trial ended in a hung jury: 11 for conviction, one for acquittal … Harrelson was retried in 1974 … Harrelson was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years in prison. With time off for good behavior, he was free in five years.
    Harrelson has declared that he was involved in John F. Kennedy's assassination. Some think he was one of the three tramps photographed after being arrested on November 22, 1963 in a boxcar in the railyard near Dealey Plaza. Harrelson's arresting officer, Marvin L. Wise, claims that the three men in his custody were released after a few hours of questioning.

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    something to marinate on

    One of the main reasons President Kennedy was Assassinated in the way that he was....... was to traumatise the American People and the world public by subconsciously programming them to limit their conscious awareness in the 3rd dimension by shutting down their DNA......

    Let me explain Russian scientists have recently discovered that our DNA can be ‘influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies.’........” The Russian scientists and linguists have found that the genetic code ‘follows the same rules as all our human languages.’ In effect, human language did not appear coincidentally but is a reflection of our DNA."

    We are vibrational beings so the vibration frequency of words and numbers can have a great effect on our conscious awareness depending on how we perceive them.......

    President Kennedy was assassinated on 22/11/1963 at 12:30 on Elm St with a $12 bolt-action rifle... so we are lead to believe by the official story!!...First of all the name Kennedy has a vibration frequency of 33, the time 12:30 reduces to 3,3 (i.e. 1 + 2 = 3 and 3 + 0 = 3). Elm St has a vibration of 3, 3 and the $12 rifle reduces to a vibration of 3.

    The vibration frequency of the number 11 is connected to the light vibration and this vibration is the nearest balanced vibration to the stillness of the oneness........ the number 22 is also a vibration of balance and is a harmonic of the vibration 11 as are all double-digit numbers....... i.e... 33, 44,...... etc. The registration plate on the car that Kennedy was travelling in was......GG 300.......G is the 7th letter of the alphabet so vibrationally this gives us 77 and we have the number 3 which is vibrationally connected to the female energy that “The Powers That Be” are continually attaching negativity to in an attempt throw us out of balance and thus limit our conscious awareness in the 3rd dimension of duality......

    Kennedy = 33
    12:30 = 3, 3
    Elm = 3
    St = 3
    $12 = 3

    This event had a massive negative effect on the subconscious minds of the whole world and the 3rd dimension that we live in.......Dealey Plaza is full of esoteric symbolism and is located on a Earth energy line the word ‘Dealey’ means ‘goddess line’ so President Kennedy was murdered on a female Earth Energy line.....This site was deliberately chosen by “The Powers That Be” because of the negative effect it would have on the female Earth energy and thus the balance and harmony of the Planet Earth.......

    the vibration of the names of the people, the places, the times and any thing else attached to the negative event are all important its all to do with the their vibration frequency ....... these female vibration frequencies with their negative attachment (The Assassination) would have been repeated on T.V. news reports and in news papers all over the world millions of times over and over.......programming the minds and the DNA of the world populace......... throwing us and the Earth out of balance which cuts us off from the higher vibrations and thus limits our collective conscious awareness which stops us seeing behind the false reality “The Powers That Be” have created for us.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7forever View Post
    Someone actually agrees with common sense and their own eyes. Cool. 911 is complicated completely while Greer killing Kennedy is stupid easy, as far as reaching a conclusion.
    True indeed. The fact that it takes a bit more digging keeps people from even searching for the truth of the matter at all. Let alone actually changing thier programming. It's sick though, I've gone on YouTube and seen 3 chapters of "Loose Change" and that shit will just leave your jaw on the floor. For real, it's the kind of movie that I would make mad copies of and just hand them to people. Leave them in mail boxes, at libraries, etc.
    "Die before you die."-Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)

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    loose change is a dope doc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Urban_Journalz View Post
    True indeed. The fact that it takes a bit more digging keeps people from even searching for the truth of the matter at all. Let alone actually changing thier programming. It's sick though, I've gone on YouTube and seen 3 chapters of "Loose Change" and that shit will just leave your jaw on the floor. For real, it's the kind of movie that I would make mad copies of and just hand them to people. Leave them in mail boxes, at libraries, etc.
    I need to see that. Do you agree with me on jfk being easy and 911 being complicated? Cover-up, yes but proving a conclusion may be hard.

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    I read a book called "The Ultimate Sacrifice" that mainly makes the argument that JFK was killed by the Mafia. They had 3 plans to kill JFK. The first was in Chicago, after finding out, the trip was cancelled. The second was in Tampa Bay, which the Mob cancelled. The third time was Dallas. The authors got their info/material from released government files. It's a long & complex book (700 pages). They make a good argument but it's just a theory. The sequel called "Legacy of Assassination" deals with JFK/RFK/MLK. I don't know the truth but then why would the government have more than 1 million files kept unreleased if they feel they have a slam dunk case. Either way RIP JFK.

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    Default O'Connor, Custer & David were there

    Quote Originally Posted by iniquity View Post

    .. Easy enough .. Who do you think killed JFK & RFK & why? ..
    Anyone care to account for the following testimony from three young [at the time] men who were there:

    From: http://www.jfklancer.com/catalog/law/witnesses.html


    Dennis David describes observing the arrival at Bethesda Naval Hospital
    of the navy ambulance carrying Jackie Kennedy with the official casket
    purportedly carrying the presidents body -- some time after he had
    supervised the unloading of a shipping casket that he'd been told contained
    the body of the president.

    Autopsy technician Paul O'Connor helped remove the president's body --
    he recalls that it was in a body bag -- from a shipping casket; this contrasts
    with the placement of the president's body in an ornate casket in Dallas,
    after wrapping only in sheets and towels.

    X-ray technician Jerrol Custer recalls seeing Mrs. Kennedy enter the Naval
    Hospital, having just arrived with her husband's body -- yet Custer was on his
    way to the darkroom to develop X-ray plates already taken of the
    president's corpse.

    O'connor and Custer testimony also in "Best Evidence" by David Lifton
    I don't recall if D.David testimony is in that book.

    Question: When the Dallas casket was being wheeled out of the Dallas hospital,
    how many people had first hand knowledge of what [if anything] was in that casket ?

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    Default A shot right there in the car

    Austin Miller's Warren Commission Testimony (back to the list of witnesses)

    (Miller was standing on the triple overpass)

    Mr. BELIN - Well, describe what happened. Did you see the motorcade come by?
    Mr. MILLER - Yes sir; it came down main street and turned north on Houston Street and went over two blocks and turned left on Elm Street. Got about halfway down the hill going toward the underpass and that is when as I recall the first shot was fired.
    Mr. BELIN - Did you know it was a shot when you heard it?
    Mr. MILLER - I didn't know it. I thought at first the motorcycle backfiring or somebody throwed some firecrackers out.
    Mr. BELIN - Then what did you hear or see?
    Mr. MILLER - After the first one, just a few seconds later, there was two more shots fired, or sounded like a sound at the time. I don't know for sure. And it was after that I saw some man in the car fall forward, and a women next to him grab him and hollered, and just what, I don't know exactly what she said.
    Mr. BELIN - Then what did you see?
    Mr. MILLER - About that time I turned to look toward the - there is a little plaza sitting on the hill. I looked over there to see if anything was there, who through the firecracker or whatever it was, or see if anything was up there, and there wasn't nobody standing there, so I stepped back and looked at the tracks to see if anybody run across the railroad tracks, and there was nobody running across the railroad tracks. So I turned right straight back just in time to see the convertible take off fast.
    Mr. BELIN - You mean the convertible in which the President was riding?
    Mr. MILLER - I wouldn't want to say it was the President. It was a convertible, but I saw a man fall over. I don't know whose convertible it was.
    Mr. BELIN - Where did the shots sound like they came from?
    Mr. MILLER - Well, the way it sounded like, it came from the, I would say from right there in the car. Would be to my left, the way I was looking at him toward that incline.
    Mr. BELIN - Is there anything else that you can think of that you saw?
    Mr. MILLER - About the time I looked over to the side there, there was a police officer. No; a motorcycle running his motor under against the curb, and jumped off and come up to the hill toward the top and right behind him was some more officers and plainclothesmen, too.
    Mr. BELIN - Did you see anyone that might be, that gave any suspicious movements of any kind over there?
    Mr. MILLER - No, sir; I didn't
    Mr. BELIN - Did you see anyone when you looked around on the railroad tracks, that you hadn't seen before
    Mr. MILLER - No, sir; I didn't.

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    ^^good post

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    Corsican Mafia did the hit. Most likely under the instructions of either American Mafia or a faction within the government. Odds are none of the big players we'd expect were involved. It was probably a personal matter. JFK had a list of enemies as long as your arm. It comes with the territory of being a pragmatic bad ass.

    Oswald was a Triple Agent working for the US for the Russians for the US for the Russians for the US...

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