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Thread: Who killed JFK & RFK?

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    Default The right rear exit wound confirmed @ closer examination

    There is zero evidence of any exit on the right side or front. There is no evidence which holds up to scrutiny that supports a right side entrance because it would've exited the left side not right rear. The grassy knoll is a clever red herring that was easily debunked by simple geometry. The rear skull opens up at the moment of front right impact.

    This is just before 313. The top and bottom of the skull is distinguishable with the hole in between.

    FRAME 313 is more difficult to decipher the top of the skull but the same thing appears and the zoom makes it clear. There appears to be a tail at the bottom break in the skull, which confuses things without the zoom.

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    Default Right rear gape up close in zapruder

    During the alteration of Zapruder they compressed the impact and the rear skull gape into one frame and did their best to hide skull detaching in between subsequent frames.

    312, no gape.

    313, complete rear gape.

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    7/7 seeds of deconstruction covers this really well..

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    Default Right Rear Skull Gape And Detachment

    Quote Originally Posted by porsteamboy View Post
    You can't have a gaping hole without something being ejected!
    Connally described being sprayed with a clear liquid which is something more logical than some fake red blotch. It's also not likely that fluid would show up in these old films but the back of his head popping off would, especially if t opens up just the way it does in Zapruder. These are in sequential order with the first being just before 313, showing the perfect gape up close. Jfk's skull did what it logically had to do with the right rear exit wound he suffered. The back of his head was blown off just like forty witnesses saw with their own eyes, including Clint Hill, Jackie, and Jfk's killer, Bill Greer.

    Between 313-314


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    Default Senator Yardborough saw driver fire fatal shot on November 22, 1963

    Amazon.com: Tyler Newcomb's review of Murder from within

    Posted on Nov. 9, 2010 2:24 AM PST
    Maskmaker says:
    Tyler, years ago I found a jpg of a newspaper clip from the Chicago sun times, dated Sat., Nov 23, 1963, and not only is Senator Yarborough quoted as saying he smelled gun powder on LBJ's limo nearly all the way to the hospital, he is quoted as saying that the 3rd shot may have been from a Secret Service man returning fire! Can't wait to get my hands on this book after all these years, & hopefully, the DVD! All the evidence points towards Greer taking the final shot.

    In reply to an earlier post on Nov. 9, 2010 2:41 AM PST
    Tyler Newcomb says:
    Yes I have a very faded copy of that. If you still have it I'd like to see if it's better than mine to find a way to put it in the book. Thanks

    A Murder Within was self published in 1974.

    Look on the right side, under 'beats fists against car'. It's the second sentence.

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    I'm amazed that some of you are still doing a blurry video analysis of the shooting on wucorp like you could ever come to a definitive conclusion based on THAT video. Not only that though - but it is common knowledge that videos of the shooting were tampered with. Are you guys trying to determine who the shooter is based on tampered video?

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    Default Better view of rear gape with dislodged scalp comparison

    Dr. Humes described the mess at the top as dislodged scalp. He also down played the entrance over the right eye as a contusion. Some theorists said jfk went somewhere in between Parkland and Bethesda. If so, some type of debridement may have taken place to cover the wound. This area is still visible and metal fragments were recovered behind the right eye and showed up in x-rays.

    The right rear is clearly missing here and many witnesses saw jfk the way he lies here. He didn't have to be on his stomach because the hole was on the right rear. Notice the small flap on the right side compared to that fake mess in Zapruder.

    A better view of rear gape and compare the dislodged scalp. It's similar.

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    Default Debbie conaway's work strengthens case against Greer

    CONTACT: Debra Conway
    JFK Lancer Productions & Publications
    332 N.E.5th Street
    Grand Prairie, TX 75050
    Phone: 817-488-0978
    Email: debra@jfklancer.com
    Web: http://jfklancer.com

    Warren Commission Suppressed Jackie's
    Testimony On JFK's Head Wound

    Court Reporter's Tape Shows
    Additional Description Withheld

    Dallas, TX -- August 5, 2001 -- JFK Lancer, an historical research firm reports that the Court Reporter's tape shows Jacqueline Kennedy's testimony before the Warren Commission had additional descriptions which were withheld.
    Mrs. Kennedy testified in a short private session held at her home in Washington, D.C., with Chief Justice Earl Warren, Commission General Council J. Lee Rankin, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, and a court reporter in attendance. Testimony of witnesses before the Warren Commission was made public in the fall of 1964. Jacqueline Kennedy's testimony was also released containing her description of her husbands wounds which read :

    "And just as I turned and looked at him, I could see a piece of his skull and I remember it was flesh colored. I remember thinking he just looked as if he had a slight headache. And I just remember seeing that. No blood or anything."

    But a second section in which she described the wounds she saw carried only the notation: (Reference to Wounds Deleted).
    Although very few Americans actually read those transcripts, historians and researchers who did read them were outraged, and waged a legal battle to have the omitted testimony released. In the early 1970s, a court decision required the United States Government to disclose to the public the contents of the still classified section of Mrs. Kennedy's 1964 Warren Commission testimony. Her previously withheld statement read:

    " I was trying to hold his hair on. From the front there was nothing --- I suppose there must have been.

    But from the back you could see, you know, you were trying to hold his hair on, and his skull on."

    Releasing this previously withheld section gave researchers what was assumed to be Mrs. Kennedy's complete description of the President's head wounds. Researchers took for granted that the hand-typed transcript page released by the National Archives from the official records of the Warren Commission ended the matter.

    However, new analysis reveals that the original court tape actually reads:

    "... I could see a piece of his skull sort of wedge-shaped, like that, and I remember that it was flesh colored with little ridges at the top."

    Filmmaker Mark Sobel found the discrepancy while doing research for a forthcoming documentary on JFK. Sobel explained, "I was quite surprised to find that Mrs. Kennedy was not asked for more detail --- she had an opportunity to view the wounds longer and closer than any other person as they originally existed. Given the seemingly contradictory testimony by the doctors who treated the President at Parkland Hospital in Dallas just after the shooting and the Doctors who performed the autopsy at Bethesda many hours later, Mrs. Kennedy's testimony would appear critical."
    Sobel filed under the Freedom of Information Act to have the court reporter's original tape of Mrs. Kennedy's testimony unsealed, citing that the content had already been fully declassified by the courts and that it was in the best interest of the public for the accuracy of the existing transcript to be verified. Sobel explained, "As I compared the 1964 transcript to the original court reporter's paper tape, I reached a sentence officially transcribed by the Warren Commission as: "I could see a piece of his skull, and I remember that it was flesh colored"words on the original paper taped no longer matched up."
    Court Reporter Kathy Bradford of Bradford Court Reporting of Dallas, Texas, agreed. Bradford reviewed the transcript from the archives and certified Mrs. Kennedy's complete statement was not found in the Warren Commission's version..

    This extra description was almost certainly witheld from the Commissioners and Legal Staff as well, since these descriptions are missing in the typed transcript that is contained in the actual Warren Commission Records --- before it was finally released publicly in its entirety.

    Apprised of these new details, David Mantik, M.D., Ph.D. stated, "Given the lack of follow-up in Mrs. Kennedy's description to exactly what she saw, these details could have been valuable to the House Select Committee on Assassinations that reviewed the medical evidence." Mantik is one of the few doctors allowed to view President Kennedy's original autopsy materials in the National Archives.
    Secret Service Agent Clint Hill, seen in films and photos in Dealey Plaza climbing onto the rear of the limousine, stated in his Warren Commission testimony,
    "Between the time I originally grabbed the handhold and until I was up on the car, Mrs. Kennedy--the second noise that I heard had removed a portion of the President's head, and he had slumped noticeably to his left. Mrs. Kennedy had jumped up from the seat and was, it appeared to me, reaching for something coming off the right rear bumper of the car, the right rear tail, when she noticed that I was trying to climb on the car."
    Debra Conway of JFK Lancer, says that the court reporter's tape is now on their web site. Conway stated, "Mrs. Kennedy also describes this piece of skull to historian Theodore White in her famous 'Camelot' interview where she told him, 'I could see a piece of his skull coming off; it was flesh colored not white--' This is very similar to what she said to the Warren Commission."
    Conway went on to explain, "There were pieces of skull found in the street and in the limousine. The piece of skull described by Mrs. Kennedy could have been one of those later found in the street, the limousine, or an avulsed piece still attached to his head."
    Researcher Barb Junkkarinen, who specializes in the medical evidence of the Kennedy assassination and is the Director of the JFK Alliance for Open Archives organization, told JFK Lancer, "The real 'find' here is that two specific descriptions of the head wound by Mrs. Kennedy (that the skull piece was wedge shaped, and that it had little ridges at the top) are not included in what is supposed to be the full and complete transcript of her testimony."
    In his memoirs, Senator Arlen Specter, a Junior Council for the Warren Commission in 1964, suggests that the minimal testimony taken from Mrs. Kennedy was due to Earl Warren wishing to be protective of her, and that the handling of her testimony created some distress among other Commissioners and Legal Staff. However, in formerly Top Secret transcripts of the meetings of the seven Commissioners, Commissioner John J. McCloy repeatedly emphasized the importance of obtaining such testimony as quickly as possible "She's the best witness," he said "as to how those bullets struck her husband."

    Junkkarinen adds, "Why they would withhold an accurate description is open to debate, but the fact that they put out an altered transcript is telling. How many other transcripts may have fallen victim to the same shenanigans? This is a find that proves alteration of original evidence, and that is important.
    JFK Lancer Productions & Publications

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    Default The driver shot jfk on 11-22-63...CASE CLOSED

    The Zapruder, Nix, and Muchmore films have always proven Jfk's real assassin was the driver, William Greer
    The silly goon who shot jfk is on the right, the passenger in the middle.

    The driver shot JFK clearly and obviously but the nix and muchmore films needed to be examined closer and compared to Zapruder and that someone turned out to be me.
    Dailymotion - jfk assassination films-orville nix - a News & Politics video

    The Nix film close-up shows Greer's left arm crossing his right shoulder in unison with the headshot. The fakery in Zapruder and Greer's arm crossing in both other films are in perfect sync with the headshot.

    I got this gif from this clip. Start it at 1:09 and see Greer quickly moving his left arm over his shoulder in unison with the headshot. The nix film was not shown close-up but when this sequence is zoomed in on the limo, this whopper is revealed. The goons covered those movements with fakery in the zfilm but didn't bother with the nix film.

    Greer passes the gun in Z and his left hand goes missing because the film pans upward. There is no evidence in Zapruder that his left hand ever returned to the wheel. At least a few researchers have outright lied about Greer's hands not leaving the wheel when it's crystal clear in the frames.

    Zapruder clearly shows the cartoon additions that are Greer's hand, arm, and gun forming and moving toward jfk when he shot Kennedy. The fake reflection recoils like a gun when the gun discharges and it separates from the passenger's head furthing proving it an obvious fake.

    The muchmore film was purposely distorted and blurred but the clear copy can be found which shows his left arm extending downward after he shot jfk.

    Watch his left/arm elbow coming down after the shot. There's an obstructed view running forward but all that has to be done is start from the end and run forward again when it comes down.
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    Default Debunking a defeated moderator is totally pathetic

    Quote Originally Posted by kirin-rex View Post
    To do that, 7, I would have to show a person shot from behind while in an accelerating vehicle.

    You see, 7, the head goes forward because of the shot, and then as Greer accelerates, the body (and the head) goes backward.

    It's basic physics.
    This is why real trolls never try anything besides denials because you walk right into looking stupid. You are first person to ever claim Greer went backward because Greer stepped on the gas.LOLhumbs: If YOUR stupid explanation was true then at least one person besides jfk would have went backward but no one does because your stupid reason is just that, stupid. After Greer shoots jfk he accelerates and the passenger goes forward to retreive the gun Greer dropped to the floor. He went in the opposite direction that he would have if the acceleration was great enough but it obviously was NOT. YOU ARE DEBUNKED BY VIDEO EVIDENCE AND COMMON SENSE.

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    see my thread evidence of revision watch and rethink what you think. i forgot to mention that rfk is covered(and his assassin) and peoples temple. deepest piece of work ever on these subjects. limo driver not covered.



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    Increase your screen size to 200% and watch the area over Greer's right shoulder. It pops in unison with the headshot. It's most noticeable at normal speed.

    This old copy shows the same recoil/jolt backward but with video fakery. You can also see the fake red mist appear before the full blotch forms.

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    Default The jackie shot jfk joke is proper silliness

    It does a great job of showing the right rear gaping open...NICE.

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    Many eyewitnesses reported hearing a shot inside or near the Presidential limousine. The driver, Bill Greer was seated two rows in front of and slightly to Jfk's left.

    1.Bobby Hargis (Police motorcycle outrider, left rear of limousine):
    Mr. Stern: Do you recall your impression at the time regarding the shots?
    Hargis: “Well, at the time it sounded like the shots were right next to me,” 6WCH294.

    2. Austin Miller (railroad worker, on triple overpass):
    Mr. Belin: “Where did the shots sound like they came from?”
    Miller: “Well, the way it sounded like, it came from the, I would say right there in the car,” 6WCH225.

    3. Charles Brehm (carpet salesman, south curb of Elm St.): “Drehm seemed to think the shots came from in front or beside the President. He explained the President did not slump forward as if he would have after being shot from the rear,” “President Dead, Connally Shot,” The Dallas Times Herald, 22 November 1963, p.2

    4. Officer E. L. Boone (policeman, corner of Main and Houston Streets):" I heard three shots coming from the vicinity of where the President's car was,” 19WCH508.

    5. Jack Franzen: (south curb of Elm): “He said he heard the sound of an explosion which appeared to him to come from the President's car and ...small fragments flying inside the vehicle and immediately assumed someone had tossed a firecracker inside the automobile,” 22WCH840.

    6. Mrs. Jack Franzen (south curb of Elm): “Shortly after the President’s automobile passed by…she heard a noise which sounded as if someone had thrown a firecracker into the President’s automobile…at approximately the same time she noticed dust or small pieces of debris flying from the President’s automobile,” 24WCH525.

    7. James Altgens: (photographer, south curb of Elm):“The last shot sounded like it came from the left side of the car, if it was close range because, if it were a pistol it would have to be fired at close range for any degree of accuracy," 7WCH518.

    8. Hugh Betzner, Jr. (south curb of Elm, nr junction with Houston): “I cannot remember exactly where I was when I saw the following: I heard at least two shots fired and I saw what looked like a firecracker going off in the president's car. My assumption for this was because I saw fragments going up in the air,” I also remember seeing what looked like a nickel revolver in someone's hand in the President's car or somewhere immediately around his car 19WCH467

    "Handgun used"

    "1. Dr. Charles R. Baxter, in Bill Sloan. JFK: Breaking the Silence (Dallas, Texas: Taylor Publishing Co., 1993), p.92: "Although Dr. Baxter…declined to be interviewed for this book, Baxter did issue a brief comment in October 1992 through the school's public information office in which he described the throat wound as being "very small" and looking as though "it might have come from a handgun."

    2. Dr. Charles Wilbur: “Interpretation of the fatal head wound by several attending surgeons suggested a high velocity handgun bullet fired at close range,”

    3. Iona Antonov, “On the Trail of the President’s Killers: part 2,” New Times, 1977, pp.26-30: New York Daily News quoted friends of John Rosselli to the effect that Oswald a decoy “while others ambushed” Kennedy from closer range.

    4. Dr. Robert McClelland: "The cause of death was due to a massive head and brain injury from a gunshot wound of the left temple," (CE 392). <Admission>

    5. Parkland Dr. McClelland's testimony as reproduced in Hearings volume 6, p.38: "Dr. McClelland judged that the wound in the President's skull could be expected '…from a very high velocity missile…with a heavy calibre bullet, such as a .45 pistol fired at close range…' This would particularly apply to the skull '…where there was a sudden change in density from the brain to the skull cavity, as it entered. As it left the body, it would still have a great deal of force behind it and would blow up a large segment of tissue as it exited.'"

    6. A.J. Millican: “It sounded like a .45 automatic, or a high-powered rifle.” <19WCH486>

    7. S.M. Holland: “It would be like you’re firing a .38 pistol right beside a shotgun, or a .45 right beside a shotgun.”

    8. “Garrison says assassin killed Kennedy from sewer manhole,” New York Times, 11 December 1967, p.28: Report of Garrison claim on WFAA-TV in Dallas – “The man who killed President Kennedy fired a .45 caliber pistol” and that the bullet entered the “right temple.” Gunman located within manhole on north side of Elm Street. Garrison had just taken possession of a set of photos showing cartridge case being retrieved by unidentified man, under noses of two Dallas police officers, on south curb of Elm.

    9. Photo referred to by Garrison contained within Garrison Tapes documentary, timed at 01:22:04:15.

    10. Joachim Joesten. The Dark Side of Lyndon Baines Johnson (London: Peter Dawnay, 1968), pp.248-249: Garrison set to release previously unknown set of photos “which saw a federal agent picking up a large caliber bullet from the lawn on the south side of Elm St, at the spot where Kennedy received his mortal wound. The bullet, which was previously identified as .45, was found amidst splotches of dark grey matter which came from Kennedy’s head…” p.249: “clock above TSBD, clearly visible in one of the pictures, reads 12:40.”

    11. Statement of Hugh William Betzner, Jr., Warren Commission Hearings (WCH), Vol. 19, p. 467, taken 11-22-63:
    JFK: Eyewitness statements, assassination of President John F. Kennedy, murder of J. D. Tippit and arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald: Hugh William Betzner

    I was standing on Houston Street near the intersection of Elm Street. I took a picture of President Kennedy's car as it passed along Houston Street. I have an old camera. I looked down real quick and rolled the film to take the next picture. I then ran down to the corner of Elm and Houston Streets, this being the southwest corner. I took another picture just as President Kennedy's car rounded the corner. He was just about all the way around the corner. I was standing back from the corner and had to take the pictures through some of the crowd. I ran on down Elm a little more and President Kennedy's car was starting to go down the hill to the triple underpass. I was running trying to keep the President's car in my view and was winding my film as I ran. I took another picture as the President's car was going down the hill on Elm Street. I started to wind my film again and I heard a loud noise. I thought that this noise was either a firecracker or a car had backfired. I looked up and it seemed like there was another loud noise in the matter of a few seconds. I looked down the street and I could see the President's car and another one and they looked like the cars were stopped. Then I saw a a flash of pink like someone standing up and then sitting back down in the car. Then I ran around so I could look over the back of a monument and I either saw the following then or when I was standing back down on the corner of Elm Street. I cannot remember exactly where I was when I saw the following: I heard at least two shots fired and I saw what looked like a firecracker going off in the president's car. My assumption for this was because I saw fragments going up in the air. I also saw a man in either the President's car or the car behind his and someone down in one of those cars pulled out what looked like a rifle. I also remember seeing what looked like a nickel revolver in someone's hand in the President's car or somewhere immediately around his car. Then the President's car sped on under the underpass. Police and a lot of spectators started running up the hill on the opposite side of the street from me to a fence of wood. I assumed that that was where the shot was fired from at that time. I kept watching the crowd. Then I came around the monument over to Main Street. I walked down toward where the President's car had stopped. I saw a Police Officer and some men in plain clothes. I don't know who they were. These Police Officers and the men in plain clothes were digging around in the dirt as if they were looking for a bullet. I walked back around the monument over to Elm Street where they were digging in the dirt. I went on across the street and up the embankment to where the fence is located. By this time almost all of the people had left. There were quite a few people down on the street and crowded around a motorcycle. I was looking around the fence as the rumor had spread that that was where the shot had come from. I started figuring where I was when I had taken the third picture and it seemed to me that the fence row would have been in the picture. I saw a group of men who looked like they might be officers and one of them turned out to be Deputy Sheriff Boone. I told him about the picture I had taken. Deputy Sheriff Boone contacted superiors and was told to bring me over to the Sheriff's Office. Deputy Sheriff Boone took my camera and asked me to wait. I waited in the Sheriff's Office and some time later, an hour or two, he brought my camera back and told me that as soon as they got through with the film and they were dry that they would give me the film. A little later he came in and gave me the negatives and told me that they were interested in a couple of pictures and implied that the negatives was all I was going to get back. To the best of my knowledge, this is all I know about this incident.

    A damn good case if we must throw out the films, I would say:

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    Look under 'Beats Fists Against Car'. "The third shot he heard might have been a Secret Service man returning the fire, he said. "The Senator was two or three cars behind Jfk's, with LBJ. Look above 'Could Smell Gunpowder'; He smelled gunpowder all the way to Parkland Hospital.

    Royce Skelton's Warren Commission Testimony (back to the list of witnesses) http://jfkassassination.net/russ/m_j_russ/comp.htm

    (Skelton was standing on the triple overpass)

    Mr. BALL - Did you see the President's car turn on Elm Street?
    Mr. SKELTON - Yes, sir; I saw the car carrying the Presidential flag turn.
    Mr. BALL - And did you hear something soon after that?
    Mr. SKELTON - Just about the same time the car straightened up - got around the corner - I heard two shots, but I didn't know at the time they were shots.
    Mr. BALL - Where did they seem to come from?
    Mr. SKELTON - Well, I couldn't tell then, they were still to far from where I was.
    Mr. BALL - Did the shots sound like they came from where you were standing?
    Mr. SKELTON - No, sir; definitely not. It sounded like they were right there - more or less like motorcycle backfire, but I thought that they were these dumb balls that they throw at the cement because I could see the smoke coming up off the cement.
    Mr. BALL - You saw smoke come off the cement?
    Mr. SKELTON - Yes.
    Mr. BALL - Where did it seem to you that the sound came from, what direction?
    Mr. SKELTON - Towards the President's car.
    Mr. BALL - From the President's car.
    Mr. SKELTON - right around the motorcycles and all that
    - I couldn't distinguish because it was too far away.
    Mr. BALL - How long did you stand there?
    Mr. SKELTON - I stood there from about 12:15 until the time the President was shot.
    Mr. BALL - How many shots did you hear?
    Mr. SKELTON - I think I heard four - I mean - I couldn't be sure.
    Mr. BALL - You think you heard four?
    Mr. SKELTON - Yes

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