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Thread: Who killed JFK & RFK?

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    Quote Originally Posted by phantom View Post
    lol 7forever, the drive is not the shooter. look at the clips you posted carefully. Notice the drivers LEFT hand is on the steering wheel. HTF does he shoot kennedy with his right hand.

    What you are seeing the the sun shining on the greasy hair of the passenger not a silver pistol. The sun is even shining off the greasy hair of the driver. Back then it was common for men to grease their hair. I remember my dad using Brylcreem back in the day.

    And Rodin, lol, come on man, do you seriously believe Jacky killed her husband.
    lol Phantom, the driver is the shooter, always was and always will be. Look at the clips I posted carefully. Notice the driver's LEFT hand is passing the gun to his right hand before he turns the first time.

    What you are seeing is a fake blob of white created by a 1963 goon squad.LOL Real hair reflections do not recoil at the exact moment a president is being shot by his driver unless the driver shot that president, which Greer clearly and obviously did. It even separates from Roy's head.LOL

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    Default The driver killed kennedy

    Quote Originally Posted by malkor View Post
    you're misreading the video evidence. bullet smoke trails emit from the barrel of the gun, not the target. the target emits fragments of bone, brain and blood. the fragment evidence shows the exit point, not the entrance point. it shows an exit point consistent with a bullet that originated from jackies position.
    You're misreading the video evidence and real life. Clear bullet smoke emits when it hits its target. The bullet struck jfk in the right forehead emitting smoke at that point. Mussolini was executed with a shot to the back of the head and smoke emits from that point. You don't know what you're talking about in the least.
    Kennedy shot from the front by the driver, William Greer.

    A man shot in the face with smoke at entrance.

    Mussolini shot in back of head in the mid 40's.


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    Default The driver killed kennedy

    The back of jfk's head opens up after 312 but before 313.

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    and these gifs are not altered? they do show exactly what you say they do

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    Quote Originally Posted by Visionz View Post
    Your eyes see what the mind wants it to see. What you circle as being a gun is light illuminating the passenger's head as the car moves out the shadows.

    It's taken me a while to realize it but trying to figure out all those mysteries, JFK, MLK, RFK, 9/11..... all that shit is a waste of your time. Be skeptical of anything the national news perpetuates or whatever, trust no one, but damn it all, spend your time doing what YOU want to do with your life, work hard, get money and build your own world. Everything else is a frivolous waste.
    Peace to that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iniquity View Post

    .. Easy enough .. Who do you think killed JFK & RFK & why? ..
    a lot of people believe JFK was killed because he threatened the military/industrial/intellegence complex, he had stepped on a lot of toes, an his assassination was payback for this

    1.He had pulled the greenlight on air support for the invasion of Cuba, by CIA trained an sponsored paramilitarys, an fired a lot of old guard CIA mudda fuckers an was also going to shutdown the CIA an rearrage it into sumthin else

    2.He was also going to leave an pull out of Vietnam a lot earlier than the military an right wing hawks in the goverment wanted

    3.He was going to increase the taxes on a oil depletion allowance that would have affected the oil bizness an cut into profits from two millionaire right wing Texan oilmen Clint Murchinson & Haroldson L Hunt who were good friends wit Lyndon Baines Johnson an J Edgar Hoover

    4.JFK an RFK(JFK's brother who was the US attorney general)were going to drop Lyndon B Johnson as vice president an prosecute him an send him to prison for the Bobby Baker scandal

    A lot of people think that its the number 4 reason which was the final straw that broke the camels back, an put into place the other factors, the actual paper trail of the actual assassination, a lot of people think Lyndon B Johnson pressed the button, okayed the green light for it to happen, he made it happen, you see what I'm saying

    Lyndon Baines Johnson was a well known corrupt politician, he is implicated in the murders of other people through Billy Sol Estes to Cliff Carter to Mac Wallace.

    Lee Harvey Oswald was a fall guy for the conspiracy, he was a secret US intellegence officer who knew an worked wit a lot of the conspirators like Clay Shaw(CIA) an David Ferrie(a pilot trainer for the failed Cuban paramilitary who invaded Cuba in 1960/61)

    A lot of people think these were the people involved in the assassination of JFK, CIA people from the JM/Wave station in Florida, which was one of the planning stations for the invasion of Cuba an the failed assassinations of Fidel Castro, people like William K Harvey, Carl E. Jenkins, Rafael Quintero, William Pawley, Roy Hargraves, Edwin Collins, Steve Wilson, Herminio Diaz Garcia, Tony Cuesta, Eugenio Martinez, Virgilio Gonzalez, Felipe Vidal Santiago, Theodore Shackley, Grayston Lynch, David Morales, Felix Rodriguez, Thomas Clines, Gordon Campbell, Tony Sforza and William 'Rip' Robertson.

    Also E Howard Hunt(CIA)an others in conjuction wit the CIA like the Chicago mob who hired out the French Corsican mob to help out like Antoine Guerini an Lucien Sarti(both these people are dead, I'm not speaking on street guys that are still alive, only on system mudda fuckers an people that are dead already)to do the killing, also in line wit another hitteam Chicago mobsters Johnny Roselli an Charles "Chuckie" Nicoletti Former hitman James Files has claimed that he, Roselli and Charles "Chuckie" Nicoletti alongside James Fire(an CIA hitman

    Theirs others, but these are the main conspirators

    David Morales a CIA agent was seen at the hotel RFK was at along wit another CIA agent i can't remember the name of at the moment, even though rfk didn't get any CIA security and the CIA denied they were there and the trajectory of the bullets that hit rfk from sirhan's gun was a frame up, theirs was more than one shooter and sirhan's bullets couldn't have hit rfk, sirhan was another known CIA agent fall guy, all this shit was covered up by the lapd
    "get money by all means necessary"

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    You can literally see skull detaching from his rear skull. Also, notice as his goes back you can see the white lane through the back of his head.LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by saverio View Post
    and these gifs are not altered? they do show exactly what you say they do
    I didn't alter the film, just made the gifs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yabaw, post: 67551
    So you cant explain it is the answer you're giving then?

    You can't explain how JFK's head defy's physics by lurching forwards when the bullet impact hits. Instead you put your fingers in your ears, stamp your feet and act like a child. Name calling and using insults rather than debating the theories are how you want to go about things.
    You can't explain how JFK's head 'could' defy physics by lurching forward when the bullet impact hits, then stops and changes direction, violently backwards.LOL You can't explain it because it's not possible and has never happened. Instead you put your fingers in your ears, stamp your feet and act like a child. Show us one headshot that shows what you are lying about. Goes forward, stops, then violently backward. You are a pathetic troll with nothing but bullshit. This man's head and body go forward from the shot to the back of the head. If jfk had been shot from the rear he would have went forward. These stupid posts of yours make you an idiot...Congrats.

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    Don't you guys get it? The video was tampered with. Therefore evidence based on the video cannot be conclusive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by biggabum View Post
    How do we know that it wasnt the nix film that was altered?

    Also didnt mrs Hill say later in her statement that she thought she heard the shots coming from the grassy knoll? and she saw a man in brown that she assumed to be jack Ruby running away? (to be honest i just flicked through her statement and just picked up on a few bits).

    Another question are you saying greer killed kennedy deliberately or accidently?
    How do we know the sky isn't green on a sunny day? Because we know it's blue. Greer passing the gun before he turned the first time demonstrates premeditation. They wanted to shoot jfk up close and used Greer to insure success.

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    Quote Originally Posted by treeghost, post: 68020
    Here's a low resolution gif of the 'gun'...the driver's hand is at the right - you can even see his tie - so HOW can his hand (at the side) be crossing over his chest with a gun?

    The gun is a light reflection.
    No, you are trolling. Greer passes the gun in Zapruder and his left arm crosses over in Nix. The driver killed Kennedy beyond any and all doubt.

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    The great fake reflection footage that started it all in 7-09.

    -The fake blob recoils and separates from Roy's head when Greer fires revolver.
    -The fake hand coming off wheel begins with 2 dots.
    -They both make eye contact after turning back straight.
    -Kellerman raises hand signaling that Greer's gonna shoot back.
    -The white lane (by driver's door) comes into focus just in time to blend in with the fake grey streak which mirrored Greer's arm crossing that's seen in the nix film.
    -The fake grey streak is over his shoulder first and then across when it's needed.
    -The fake forehead reflection replacing Greer's hand is the only one that cannot be independently proven fake without the nix film or other evidence.
    -Kellerman moves his head forward, backward and forward again in 1 second in an attempt to block the gun's view from the north side of Elm street.
    -Watch the driver's door when Greer turns to shoot back. Something appears beneath the white lane which is very likely the curb.
    -Watch the top of Greer's head after he shoots jfk. He still had a reflection, so they darkened it to distract from the silly fakery on Roy's head.

    Greer's arm crosses in nix, confirming the logical reasons for Zapruder film fakery.

    YouTube - Jfk Assassination the limo driver theory Debunked

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    Default The driver killed kennedy

    Greer's left arm crossing in the Nix film and the fake reflection in Zapruder are in perfect sync with the headshot.

    FRAMES 312-313


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    Quote Originally Posted by kirin-rex View Post
    Do you feel that even a .45 caliber pistol, even at close range, would be capable of causing the head wound suffered by JFK?

    You posted several witnesses before who claimed to have seen a gun in the car (including a rifle) or who claimed that the sound of the shots seemed to have come from the car, or who thought they saw 'firecrackers' going off in the car. Did anyone claim to have seen the driver shoot JFK?
    Yes, everyone whose seen the nix film close-up has seen Greer kill jfk. The damage is exaggerated in Zapruder. The red blotch is fake on the right side. The back of his head opens up at the moment of front right impact.

    The rear skull detaches between 313-314.

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