The schedule no doubt is crazy because the whole Big 12 south is sick but I think we've already faced our toughest team in Oklahoma so all we have to do is stay focused and play smart football. Colt's decision making on the field has improved dramatically from this year compared to last and the defensive line and really the D altogether is lookin nasty. Even with Bradford throwing for 5 TD's it wasn't enough to stop getting hooked by those Horns ahaha, we shut the running game down and forced 'em to be one dimensional.

If we make it through this schedule unscathed (and I have faith that we got the players to do it) NoONe, not even those damn BCS computers will be able to deny the greatness. I wanna see us play whoever's champ of the SEC for all the marbles just so everyone else can quit they're yappin and know that who's the best conference got settled on the field.