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    oklahomoa had to play texas, texas tech, and ok state. all elite teams last year. texas had to play those teams as well. take away the OOC games for USC and OSU and tell me who they played? again, they need those games to supplement their soft in-conference schedules.

    i guess you think ohio, youngstown state, navy, and toledo are tough games? virginia and SDSU? every big program schedules "scrimmages".

    your focusing on whether a team plays a game outside there conference instead of focusing on how many quality opponents a team plays whether its OOC or not. it doesnt matter. a quality opponent is a quality opponent.

    you want florida and texas to schedule another tough opponent so they'll then be playing 3 tough games? why should they do that? top big10, pac10, and ACC teams arent doing that.

    florida state sucks and you know it.
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