The playing field in college has reallly been leveled lately, thats why we have been seeing so many upsets the past few years. This spread offense keeps teams in games.

Wisconsin is a bit overrated in my opinion. I don't think they beat Ohio State or Penn State this year.
Penn State looks tough, and if Ohio State can get some good play out of one of their quarterbacks, with Beanie Wells running and there defense, they could make a run.
Michigan's loss to Oregon does not surprise me a little bit. There defense is horrible, like I've said. Mike Hart guaranteeing a win over Notre Dame is as pathetic as it gets. Notre Dame might be the only team worse than Michigan right now.

LSU and Oklahoma look really good right now. Oklahoma destroyed Miami. I know they are not the Miami of old, but they still have some talent on that roster. We will see what happens once they start Big 12 play. The Texas game should be a good one.

I love LSU. I think they win it all. USC? Outta sight outta mind....They got some tough games. The Pac 10 is pretty good this year.