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Thread: your opinion on Will Smith

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knicks
    fresh prince is one of the best shows ever
    Co sign

    That's my brother right there.
    I look up to him growing up for his show mostly.
    I even had higher expectations for him with big willie style til I heard get jiggy with it.
    I thought he would come rawer than that.
    But that still my dog.
    He was realer than most because he was who were before we started trying to be hard and shit.
    He made us just wanna be cool.
    When that show went off on the last episode I felt it.
    Plus you can't find a person who doesn't know the words to.............

    "In west philadelphia born and raise
    on the playgrounds is where I spent most of my days"....................


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    He's Been Puttin It Down For A Min I Respect The Man!

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    i like big willy. "switch" pisses me off -- its the weakest song on 'lost & found'. i like that album, i bumped it for like a week straight in my car, kinda burnt it out but its still good every once in a while. i dig on the tracks where he's talkin about the scenario in hiphop/rap game right now. check these bars:

    "here's a call for the return of the unadulturated/back when the culture was cultivated/you know, back when the raps were smart/and multilayered/we could rap without a&rs and ultimatums"

    that's from party starter, i think, a much better song than switch, esp. for the clubs. i mean, don't we all pretty much agree on feeling the same way as the lyrics express?

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    i think i'm high
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    Default Re: your opinion on Will Smith

    next time you go to a BBQ throw on Summertime, that shit is classic right there


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    Fresh Prince >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Anything on TV today
    Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.-Malcolm X

    Since love and fear can hardly exist together, if we must choose between them, it is far safer to be feared than loved.
    Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince



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    This freestyle was up on hiphopdx.com a few months back.. It's pretty hot all things considered.


    Tell me what you think.
    Free from the mold, breaking the distance/
    A cause to face fears fraught with aching persistence...



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    Default Re: your opinion on Will Smith

    TV he was funny
    Movies he is shit
    Music he is average just another rapper making money
    Quote Originally Posted by SATAN View Post
    Allah is my bitch
    Quote Originally Posted by Methodman View Post
    Canít stand Cilvaringz, by the way.... Itís never us coming with the gimmicks. Itís always on the outside, a "B" Wu guy or somebody like that coming with some crap thatís just so gimmicky. It makes you scratch your head and say, ĎWhy Wu-Tang?í when itís not Wu-Tang.
    Quote Originally Posted by CharlesJones View Post
    That's a guy in those pictures who's a woman?

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