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gotta give props to these cats for keeping it real as long as they have. they have been a beaken for real hiphop ever since they came through. while all other real hiphop artists and groups have caved in to the bullshit thats going on today(coughwutangcough), gangstarr has been steadfast and faithful to keeping it raw.

they are an example of the fact that you DO have choice in what music you want to make. real hiphop will never sell the multi millions that commercial rap will, but there is still a audience out there for it and artists CAN choose to make music for them. if we ever want to see real hiphop have more commercial success, then we need to represent and fight the good fight to restore real hiphop's relevency along side commercial rap.

gangstarr havent sold a lot of records but they're fighting the fight that is gonna bring about change in the game. you gotta have plan and you gotta stick to it. you gotta stand for something and gangstarr stands for real, rugged and raw hiphop.

MADD love and props to gangstarr for holding the torch for the underground.
I couldnt agree any more!!!!! Gangstarr is the essence of true hiphop. Like they said "underground will live forever". The Wutang need to get back to that essence and I'm sure they will.