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Thread: wu tang clan

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    Nobody knows for sure if that would even be their last album. Even if it was they would still have their solos.

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    Best option for Wu is to recruit, like RZA is doing at the moment.

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    I think the wu should just do a lot of shit to get back into the game like they used to be. They need to do what ghost and killah priest are doing. Killah Priest has like 4 groups and he is a soloist. He has the maccabeez, sunz of man, black market militia, and the four horsemen. He is doing a lot of shit and I think thats the right direction. Same as ghost because he is a part of the wu of course plus he built the theodore. All the wu and affiliates should just do a whole bunch of different collaboration albums. There would be so many that would be so sick. For instance you get barreta 9, islord, killa sin, ghost, raekwon, masta killa to do an album and just do groups like that. I think that would be crazy if they just started forming a lot of different groups because there is so much talent within just the wu.

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