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    so what you of him? i haven't been listening to him long but he's already one of my personal favs, in fact i just bought his "to tha x-treme" and it's pretty tight. and i'm actually surprised that he's from houston cause he's way better than the other houston artists, and i'm not just sayin he's tight cause he's from houston (yall know how i rep it) cause when i first heard him i was just lik "whoa he's tight, where the fuck is he from?" i just think he's one of the most creative artists today. drop your opinion.
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    ya he's dope...........slept on.........good kinda chill out smoke a blunt music

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    Perfect blend of humor and Hip-Hop..."I'm not as think as you drunk I am"...classic.

    "Got heat for everybody/watch the microphone burn..."

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    he needs to rip off some better beats....

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    every one of his albums is amazing, but ive never got round to buying any, im mos def gonna pick up the dude next week

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